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Ice Hockey

No description

Masayo Okano

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is the most popular sport in Canada and Finland.
Fighting in Ice Hockey
"The fastest game on earth"
2014 Winter Olympicいin Sochi
Starts from February 7th to 23rd
Ice hockey will be held February 8-19th and 21st-23rd.
February 9th 17:00-19:30
Women Japan vs Sweden
23rd 21:00-23:55
Men's final
Thank you for listening
Finland vs Russia
Kinds of fights &
Reasons why they fight
Why don't they ban?
Banning fights are discussed many times, however, many fans, most players and administrators insisted not to prohibit.
They say...
"Unique to major professional team sports."
"It is needed to create a sense of solidarity."
If the opponent tackles or hurts your important player, you fight the opponent who tackled or hurt.
Fighting to raise
momentum of the team
Taking away
the opponent's main player
The person whose role is to fight and intimidate the opponents.
But also enforcer protects the team's star player.
What do referees do?
It often happens when you are losing in goals.
Protecting your star player, goalie or small player to be safe.
It also has the meaning to try to make opponent team from using skilled players.
This fight has an important role in the game.
How does the rule work?
It depends on leagues: referees in Finnish league tend to interrupt fights quickly, however, referees in NHL let players fight until they become too tired or fall down.
When you fight, you must drop sticks, and also you must drop or shake off gloves.
In the case of NHL
Mostly, players who fight in the game are given 5 minutes penalties.
Using any weapons, leaving bench to join a fight or taking part in 3 fights in a game are eligible to being ejected from the game.
Broken nose, cheekbone and teeth
Black eyes
Masayo Okano
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