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Leading Up!

No description

Ashley Lax

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Leading Up!

Leading Up!
New School
Old School
Step 3. Sometimes you must be transcendent
You will need to put yourself into position to communicate with people at the top.
Step 5. Serve only one master at a time
Treat each direction separately and serve each as if he/she is your only boss. No one is more important.
Step 7. Change can bring opportunity
Be willing to take on new roles during change.
Step 9. Beware of overconfidence
Victories lead to confidence. Don't let this go to your head.
Ashley Lax - alax@recsports.wisc.edu
Elizabeth Bowen - bowene@uncw.edu
Step 1. Confidence
Give to get, buy into mission
Old way of managing: Top/down leadership
New way of managing: Leading Up
Leadership is a two way street!
Michael Useem
Leading Up: How To Lead Your Boss So You Both Win
Created 9 easy steps to Leading Up
Step 2. Information is key to understanding
Open flow of communication (time and place)
Step 4. Ask for directions. Just do it!
Asking for elaboration/clarification of inadequate instructions can be the difference between survival and success.
Step 6. Remember who you work for
The well-being of those we serve is paramount. We may have to have difficult discussions with our higher ups (time and place).
Step 8. Upward leadership works both ways
Practice these steps with those you lead, allow them to lead up as well.
Learning Objectives
Apply the nine steps of leading up to an already established management style for more effective upward leadership.
Identify how the nine steps can positively or negatively affect the work environment.
AKA Managers run the show!
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