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Character Analysis - Peter Wiggin - Ender's Game

No description

Ashling Morone

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Character Analysis - Peter Wiggin - Ender's Game

-a boy who took over the world using the power of persuasive essays
Andrew "Ender" Wiggin (younger brother)
• This is the future
• The Formic (or “Bugger”) Wars
• The Hegemon, the Polemarch and the Strategos
• Battle School

Valentine "Val" Wiggin (younger sister)
• “And in the mirror he saw a face that he easily recognized. It was Peter, with blood dripping down his chin…”
• “Take my monitor away, and I am just like Peter.”
• “I’m a murderer even when I play. Peter would be proud of me.”
• “I didn’t want to kill them all … I’m not a killer! You didn’t want me, you bastards, you wanted Peter”
• “I can make you guys believe anything. I can make you dance around like puppets."
• “See the strings?”
• “Not enemies, not friends, but brothers – able to live in the same house.”
• “I want him to love me.”
• “Ender, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know how it feels, I’m sorry, I’m your brother, I love you.”

• “control the world through blogs”
• Locke and Demosthenes
• “There was more Peter in her than she could bear to admit, though sometimes she dared to think about it anyway.”
• “Ender never surrendered to Peter, but I have turned, I've become part of him, as Ender never was.”
• “He's manipulating me, she thought, but that doesn't mean he isn't sincere.”

• “But I didn't hate you. I loved you both, I just had to be – had to have control, do you understand that?” –Peter
• Peter wants "something worth ruling,"
• "Val, we can say the words that everyone else will be saying two weeks later. We can do that." –Peter
• “The world is always a democracy in times of flux, and the man with the best voice will win.” –Peter
• “Everyone thinks Hitler got to power because of his armies, because they were willing to kill, and that's partly true, because in the real world power is always built on the threat of death and dishonour. But mostly he got to power on words, on the right words at the right time.” –Peter

• “Yet at school he acted as though he were excited about the puerile lesson of the day … Peter was a master of flattery, and all the teachers bought it ….It was a new Peter. Everyone believed it. Mother and Father said it, so often it made Valentine want to scream at them. It isn't the new Peter! It's the old Peter, only smarter!”
• having control is "the most important thing to me, it's my greatest gift, I can see where the weak points are, I can see how to get in and use them."
• "Not a joke, a game. I can make you guys believe anything. I can make you dance around like puppets."

John Paul Wiggin (father)
Theresa Wiggin (mother)
• Peter was too aggressive
• Valentine was too meek
• But Ender was just right
• Peter the Menace

• New school- new boy
• Or maybe not
• ‘Let’s control the world through blogs’
• Locke and Demosthenes

• Gaining traction in world politics
• Peter becomes the new world leader

• "what [people] most feared and [making] sure they faced it often."
• "You've been discovering some of the destroyer in yourself, Ender. Well, so have I. Peter didn't have a monopoly on that, whatever the testers thought. And Peter has some of the builder in him.”-Valentine
• "Ender and I aren't stupid. We scored just as well as you did on everything. Better on some things. We're all such wonderfully bright children. You're not the smartest, Peter, just the biggest."-Valentine
• “He didn't like Peter's kind, the strong against the weak …”-Ender
• "Good-bye," Ender said to his family. He reached out and took Colonel Graff's hand and walked out the door with him. "Kill some buggers for me," Peter shouted.
• “Peter might be scum, but Peter had been right, always right; the power to cause pain is the only power that matters, the power to kill and destroy…”-Ender
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