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Administering and Managing an Office

No description

Hannah Grace

on 16 September 2012

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Transcript of Administering and Managing an Office

Process of Administering and Managing an Office Office Manager Office Qualifications Roles Skills Completion of Relevant Course Specialized Knowledge of Pertinent Areas Capable of Leading Commitment to Ethical Behavior Capable of delegating Decision- making roles Information- management roles Interpersonal roles Technical skills Conceptual skills Human skills by Establishing office routines Set up responsiblities Keeping records Schedule work Making a business priority Delegating and outsourcing Ordinary citizens/ students Interaction Shopping Great for the everyday things Information/ knowldge Awareness Organizations Higher efficiency Lower costs Improved customer service Tigheter control over operations Better informed decisions Employees Accountant Electronic engineers Sales Person Business executive Advantages of being computer literate Make up and maintain an office supply policy for all the employees and hold the accountable. Be sure to keep all receipts so you can deduct your office supplies. Approximately every 2 or 3 months review your office supplies and then check your expenses. Make an office supplies that your org. is using Ask for detailed list from each department for specific supplies. Create a standard office supply list Equipments New Ideas Cash Flow Company Assets Investment New production cost Additional Equipments Additional Employees Labor cost expenses Expenses Liabilities Sales Risk of investment Source of money Capital Financial Assets Finances Supplies Materials Inventories Operating office workers Writing utensils, papers, and staples, etc. Photocopier, Fax machine, and computer, etc. manuals, operating properly and using it expertly. used for used for used for with properly used by consist of Forms Keeping them in a clean place. Storing them with label. Avoid conflicts with them. to by Records Putting files in folders and clear books staple if needed. Arranging them from least to greatest. Securing Compact Disks in their respective cases, labels. Putting mostly used files in easy to access places. Keeping track of money involved transactions. Employees Customers by Golden rule follow the stick to the Records research the Problem as soon as possible Intervere set a Concrete goals Background check Never skimp on Person Phone in over the you should be you should you should polite and attentive and listen to their questions carefully. arrogant and careless you should not be say Good morning, Good afternoon or Good evening to your customers. then ask "How may I help you?"
or "How may I be of service?"
rather than "Can I help you?"
or even worse
"Did you want some help?" as the customer leaves make the leaving as pleasant as the greeting. Always say "Thank you. Please come back and see us again." or "We appreciate your business" Show them the varieties of the items which he wants, so that he can easily choose among them. be patient and respond well to the queries of your clients. you should you should always speak only when the other party finishes talking, to avoid confusion and misinterpretation of data or money related problems. be calm, even if the person speaking with you over the phone
speaks arrogantly or hurls abuses at you. comprises of consist of must follow then then then then then Managerial Organizing Communicating
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