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Anglo-Saxon Ship and construction

No description

Adam Arroyo

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Anglo-Saxon Ship and construction

Ships and the Construction
Anglo-Saxon Ship and construction
By:Josh Kopietz and Adam Arroyo

-Back in 793AD all ships were built with wood
-Most ships were built by shipwrights
-This job required a lot of skill
-They had to pick the best and strongest trees to chop.
-some parts of the tree were used to build certain parts of the ship.

-Siddorn, Kim. "Viking Ship Construction." Regia Anglorum -. Roland Williamson, 9 Apr. 2003. Web. 23 Sept. 2013
-Short, William R. "Hurstwic: Viking Ships." Hurstwic: Viking Ships. Robert, 2003. Web. 23 Sept. 2013.
-oak was was the most common wood to use.
-it was a strong timber
-Oak was a sacred wood to the warrior god Odin
-Most battleships were made of oak. less important ships were made of pine and less strong wood
-Most of the work done on the ships were done by axes or Adzes were used too.
-Adzes are like axes but the blade is turned at 90 degrees
-Hammers, Wedges, Chisels, and Drawknives were used occasionally
-They used trenails which are wooden rivets to hold most of the ship together
-They would use iron sometimes but it was really expensive.
Building Materials
History/About the Ships
Extra Facts
Building with Oak
-Men would have there funeral ceremonies on ships.
-they would burn the ship with the men and their treasure on board.
-When shipwrights were done using or chopping wood they take the wood chippings and make smoked fish, meat, and cheese
- they would also make charcoal with the left over wood chippings.
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