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No description

adam morrill

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Shoes

Shoes Middle Schoolers Wear I have interviewed several different middle school students on what kinds of shoes they wear, like, and where they buy them. Here are my findings. Out of the five students
I interviewed, all five said
that their favorite brand
of shoes are Vans. Other shoes that a lot
of kids wear are Nike's
and Converse. By: Adam Morrill A lot of kids will also
buy their shoes at the store
that makes their shoes, so if
a kid wants Vans, they will
most likely buy them at the Van's
store. I then interviewed some students and asked
them about their shoes. Blake
Buys most of his shoes at Las Vegas
Outlets & at the Nike and Vans stores
Favorite brand of shoes are Vans
Currently wearing tan Vans The weirdest thing that has
happened to Blake, while he
was wearing shoes was that
he almost landed on his dad
when he jumped a dune buggy. Jessica
Buys most of her shoes at the Vans store or Tilly's.
Favorite brand of shoes are Vans
Currently wearing white Vans. Jessica likes her shoes, because they are comfortable. Interview With Myself
I buy most of my shoes at either the Vans store in the Promenade Mall or at the Lake Elsinore Outlets
My favorite brand of shoes are Vans, especially the red ones and the white ones
I am currently wearing white Vans The pair of shoes that have lasted the longest
for me are my blue vans that I got in 6th grade
and I still wear them now, in 8th grade. Bibliography http://images.google.com
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