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Current pitch

No description

Daniel Murray

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Current pitch

What can users do?

Create their own personalised collections by "Grabbing" fashion items and accessories from any online retail site.

Grab anything they like, share with friends, showcase their style or compare multiple items side by side.

Add styles and trends tags to products to ensure they get discovered by others in the community.

Be notified if any item "Grabbed" goes on sale

Online Shopping Issues
- Browsing is time consuming and counter productive.
We can save users time.

- Consumers sign up to lots of different retailer emails to get sales alerts.
We can send you one email of sales alerts of only the products you like.

-Consumers are unaware of the choices available.
We enhance discovery and store the cream of the crop chosen by community.

- Sharing links of your favourite items with friends is antiquated.
We provide a modern social solution with one click.
Online Retailing Issues
Existing Content Management Systems fail to deliver on the promise of generating E Commerce.

Creating brand specific monetizable digital content is time consuming and hard to track.

ROI on social media is extremely low.

We're Here to Help!
The Solution
Solution- The "Grab" Button
Revenue Streams
Current Status

The social fashion platform
The Marketing Guru
The Techie
Joel Freeman ACA qualified at PwC working with a number of small businesses in technology and entertainment. Having always had a passion for entrepreneurship, he set up the PwC Entrepreneurs Forum bringing together young tech CEOs to help with their business issues.
Daniel Murray is a CIM qualified marketing profesionnal specialising in digital media for the youth market. He has consulted for technology brands such as Intel, Spotify and Amazon. Spent his formative years learning fashion in the family business.

Rob Durkin created his first e-commerce business in 2004 which relied on an innovative dynamic pricing engine. He founded and became CEO of Fusepump - a market leader in extracting product data from e-commerce sites.
Pop up publishing platform
The platform is underpinned by the Grab button which allows Grabble to extract full product information for any item selected and add it to our catalogue.

Innovative technology allows the Grab button to work perfectly across any retail site.

Products Grabbed by users are revisited every hour to check if the price or stock information has changed.

The core technology has applications as a consumer product and as a tool for online retailers and publishers who are looking to monetize their fashion editorial content.
Short term strategy
Successful launch of fully developed website including retailer log in, price drop notification and full search functionality.
1. Affiliate Marketing - we take a commission on all sales through Grabble.

2. Sponsored content within our fashion feeds provide strong targeting for brands due to use of social APIs.

3. Revenue share on publisher tools/widgets.

4. "Freemium" model of online retail tools.

5. Sale of trend data to retail sector.
Funding Requirement
Raising £150k to take the business forward.

£80k required to close the round

Advanced Assurance for SEIS scheme has been received.
Our technology has been built to scale. No adjustments to the back end required, only to design and content for local styles.

To move to a new region, we only need brand partners as they provide the customer acquisition for growth.

Thank you for your time
If you would like more information including full business plan and detailed five year projections please get in touch
The Suit

Free opportunities
Retailers currently benefiting from Grabble pages
E - Mail
Display Advertising
Content Partner

Grabble is a social fashion website that adds an exciting layer to shopping online by allowing its users to save the best fashion products from all over the world in one place using the Grab button.

This creates a content rich discovery platform where users can browse the best of the internet in one place by feeds, recommendations and a whole new way to search.

Grabble is an ecosystem where consumers, retailers and publishers come together to create the most engaging online shopping experience possible.

As our users make their way round the internet Grabbing items, we create a catalogue of the best products on the internet.

We create personalised feeds of recommended items based on interests, what is trending and style.

Products can be Grabbed from the "feed" into users' collections.

Users can now shop by trend, theme and style across the best of the internet.

Discovery Feeds

Online retailers can create new collections within minutes using the publishing platform. Each one can be shared through twitter, facebook and Grabble.

Performance of collections can be tracked to see what has been popular and provide new learning for digital marketers.

Each individual collection should tell a story around a retailer's products that they are not able to do already online.
Online retailers

When a product is "Grabbed" for the first time the user's name will always stay with it.

Therefore if another user likes their style they can then "follow" them.

Users can also follow Brands that they like.

Users end up with a customised feed of items and collections from all their favourite users and brands.

Click through to browse

Content rich Social Media
Referral scheme
As seen on Social Media
Pipeline of browser plug ins, personalised email content and improved mobile experience.

Intense team focus on marketing and user acquisition over the next four months.
Consumer target
Female audience aged 18-21 which can be targeted via student groups, social media and interest based publishers.

This core group will create a community that is aspirational to a grouping of 13-17 year olds who are our secondary target.

Grabble Facts
1000 + Users

30,000 Products Grabbed from 700 websites

Over £5k of tracked transactions on 80 of those

Average site view is over 4 mins

Returning visitor stays for nearly 10 mins

Over 4k followers on Twitter and 2.5k Facebook Fans

The "Grab" Button
My Collections
Any product found on Grabble can be grabbed easily to add to collections.
1. Click Grab
2. Pick collection
The Solution
The "Grab" Button
Create a Collection
Instantly share collections
Each collection can be shared effortlessly to create shoppable content for social media
Search for fun
Type anywhere to search:
@ for brands
# trending tags
Key words

Take all search results including collections back into a feed view to filter further
Paid opportunities
1. Social seeding

2. Competitions

3. Display advertising

4. Offline activity

5. Google adwords
We are keen to add viral velocity to our new sign ups by offering incentive schemes for friend referral.

A £10 brand voucher will be given to those getting 5 friends to join the platform.

A number of partner brands have already offered us £10 vouchers for this scheme at a cost of £5 to Grabble.

This will bring our cost of new customer acquisition to £1 through this scheme.

Exclusive partnership with Studentcom largest ISP for students in the UK.

200k students log on to the portal every day allowing opportunites in:

You can search all the best products on the internet through Grabble.

Search by: Colour, style, trend, brand, theme, collection or users
Search innovation
Pick your favourite shade and let Grabble find the products that match
What is Grabble?

To make online shopping easy, social and addictive for consumers.

To allow online retailers to sell more, find new audiences and communicate more effectively with their existing customers.

To enable online publishers to make more money from their audiences.

Why Grabble Exists?
Lean cost base
Growth cost base
Team focus on marketing and user acquisition.

Hit 10k users by February and start raising large seed round to scale the business.

Two cost plans:

Growth= Hit 10k users and raise finance within 6 months, increase in marketing and development.

Lean= Takes 12 months to earn 10k users and costs are brought down to do this within budget

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