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Dr. Robert Neville

No description

Haley Eldred

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Dr. Robert Neville

Dr. Robert Neville

I have diagnosed Dr. Robert Neville with the Anxiety Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). He has been through many years of isolation and he witnessed his family get killed in a helicopter accident. He has many flashbacks and relives the death of his family every day.
Axis I
I have diagnosed Dr. Neville with Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder. I diagnosed him with OCPD because he has to keep himself organized to be sane and he has a work ethic where he only allows himself to be perfect and is constantly on the same schedule all day, every day.
Axis II
1. The stressor is not having a family due to their deaths. (Rate 10.) This is a huge stressor on Dr. Neville because it has forced him to deal with things all on his own and never being able to come home to that warm comforting feeling of a family.
2. The stressor is constantly living in fear of being killed. (Rate 10.) This is a huge stressor because he has had to fall into almost the same routine everyday just to keep himself safe.
3. The stressor is living alone in New York. (Rate 7.) This is a moderate stressor because he is losing being able to socially interact, but he is also able to cope with it.

Axis IV
Treatment and GAF Score
I believe the best treatment for Dr. Neville is Psychotherapy. I think this could work for Dr. Neville because he needs to talk about his losses. He is constantly reliving how he lost his family and for him to be able to see those flashbacks and not go into a total mental freeze would help him immensely in the future.
I gave Dr. Neville a GAF score of 55 because he has pretty moderate symptoms, but is still able to get around them. He is also very socially impaired, for example, he pulled a gun on a woman and child because he was so scared of them and what they were planning to do to him even though they were only cooking breakfast for everyone.
GAF Score
This clip shows that he is always in danger and that he has to take drastic measures to protect himself.
Psychologist: Haley Eldred
Hour: 3
Date: 5-27-2014
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