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QuESt - Jon Bellion's One Way To


Cameron Robichaud

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of QuESt - Jon Bellion's One Way To

QuESt - Jon Bellion's One Way To
San Diego

What Is The Song About?
What does the title have to do with the song?
This song is about not giving up on things that you have worked hard for, Even if things don't go the way you want and get bad at a certain time, And that It will get better and your hard work will pay off. The title is "Jon Bellion's One Way To San Diego" because it shows that his hard work has paid off because he did not give up.
What message is the song trying to convey the listener?
In This song, Jon Bellion is urging you ( The listener) to continue down the path you are on, no matter how dark. Because in the end you will be repaid with the benefits of your labor, It also talks about how people should follow their paths and make what we can out of ourselves, but no matter what, don’t forget where you came from.
Three poetic sounds I found.
Two Figurative languages I found in the lyrics.
Two Figurative languages I found in the lyrics of this song are metaphors, such as "There's a There's a light at the end of the tunnel that you digging" meaning that hard work will be paid off.

And another being
Are the lyrics written as lines of poetry?
The song is written as lines of poetry. The song keeps a consistent pace the entire time and rhymes.
Three poetic sounds I found in this song
are repetition, with the repeating's of lyrics, Using Rhymes such as " But success is inevitable, it was written for you to grow, Let this confirmation guide you to your destiny and always be mindful to know" and for the final poetic sound is Alliteration, which the song uses the repetition of the initial sounds
nice trickshot dude
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