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about Acadia

chris green

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Acadia

In 1603-1607 a French settlement was made by De Monts, Poutrincourt and Champlain on Ste. Croix Island.
They left the settlement when the French King took away their power. In 1610 Poutrincourt came back to Acadia with some friends including Father Fleche.
Chief Membertou watched the habitation while they were away.
They worked on fur trading and farming and Father Fleche taught the Micmaqs about Christianity. In 1611 many more colonists came to Port Royal with Father Biard and Father Masse. Acadia Early History Struggle
Control In 1613 the English gained control of Acadia because when Poutrincourt was in France, the English attacked. Between 1628 and 1632 English ships stayed in the St. Lawrence area. In 1632, as a part of a peace settlement, the French got Acadia back at the end of a war between the French and English. In 1633 Port Royal became a popular area to live. As well did Quebec. In 1634 Trois Rivieres was founded. In 1642 Montreal was founded. In 1654 the English attacked the Port Royal and got control of all the settlements. The English had control of the Southern part and the French had control of the Northern part. In 1655 a peace treaty (The treaty of Westminster) returned all French forts in Acadia to the French The way of life Farming Farming was important for Acadia. Trees were used for furniture, building, boats, barns and mills. They traded their crops for manufactured goods. Self- Sufficiency Acadians hunted wild animals. They made all their clothing, furniture and tools. They grew vegetable gardens and fruit trees for food. Social Life Acadians were very healthy. There was no horrible diseases. They didn't like to fight so none of them died from fighting. Their main institutions were family and church. They had peaceful relations with the Micmaqs. They traded with the Thirteen Colonies. Extra Info In 1628 William Alexander tried to make a Scottish settlement in Port Royal and called it New Scotland. People Involved Champlain De Monts, Poutrincourt, Father Fleche, the Micmaqs, Father Biard, Father Masse were also involved. (no picture) Map of where Acadia is: Between 1628-1632 English ships regularly attacked French ships. The English wanted Acadia because they wanted space to fish. Acadia included Nova Scotia, P.E.I, New Brunswick and Quebec. The Habitation at Port Royal English and French ships Acadian farmers Vegetable garden Acadians trading Fishing THE END By : Chris and Kaitlyn
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