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Avril Lavigne

All about Avril Lavigne's music career

Alison Webster

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of Avril Lavigne

Birthdate Avril Ramona Lavigne was born
September 27th 1984. She was
born in a 5000 population town
called Napenee, which is in
Ontario, Canada. Avril Lavigne Beginning of Avril Lavigne's
Musical Interest Like most children, Avril Lavigne wanted to be a famous singer when she grew up and she never gave up on her dream.Avril loved listening to music and when she was about 10 years old she got a guitar. She tought herself to play the guitar and she entertained people with her music. Influences in Avril's
Development When Lavigne was young her parents always told her that she could do anything if she tried her hardest. Thoose words gave her courage to sing in places other than her bedroom. For example, Avril would always try out for talent shows at her school.And after school Avril's dad would make her practise her singing. When Avril was 14 years old she won a contest to sing with Shania Twain on stage. That was the start to Avril Lavigne's singing career. Political Climate In 2000(when Avril was working on her debut album) a 5.2 magnitude earthquake hit Ontario and Quebec Canada. At the time Jean Chretien was the prime minister of Canada. Also, the reform party of Canada was dissolved and replaced with the canadian alliance. Social Environment Before fame Avril and her family
were middle class meaning they
weren't rich or poor. Other Avril Lavigne is not just a singer/songwriter.
In fact she has a clothing line, a
perfume buisness, she is a model and an actress
and, Avril has a foundation named after her.
Avril's clothing line is called Abby Dawn. She
designs every peice of clothing for her
clothing line. Then there is her perfume
buisness. Avril has designed 2 perfumes. One is
called Black star and the other is called
forbidden rose. Finally there is the Avril
Lavigne Foundation. The Avril Lavigne Foundation
supports children and youth living serious
illnesses and/or disabilities. Abby Dawn clothes by
Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne's Black Star
Perfume Hope you enjoyed my project on Avril Lavigne! Canada's Punk Princess Please watch Avril Lavigne's Forbidden
Rose commercial
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