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The history of the fighter

No description

Zack Barish

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of The history of the fighter

The First Fighter The first fighter was made by French pilot Rolland Garros in 1915 when Roland discovered that if you shoot straight through the propeller on a fixed gun instead of a swiveling turret. Roland was the first man ever to receive the title ace for shooting down five enemy planes. The design did have one major flaw though and this flaw gave Germans a new plane better than the French. The Flaw ! The flaw that doomed the French was that the machine gun shot the propeller. This cost Garros when after a battle he had to land behind enemy lines were the German's captured him and his plane and sent it to a Dutch Aircraft Manufacturer named Athony Fokker where he profected Garros's idea and created the synchronized gear that allowed the machine gun to shoot through without damaging the aircraft. Fokker created the Fokker Scourge which German Air Craft gained air superiority over the Allies The Dogfights The Fokker scourge raged until the British discovered a shot down Fokker with the synchronized gear was still in tack and started the dogfights. Axis Allies World War Two The Second World War brought a new fighter to the battlefield. The war was on two fronts the European and Pacific. The European Front needed long range fighter that could escort the B-17 bombers to there target. The Pacific Front demanded a plane that could launch from carriers and out maneuver Japanese Zero fighters. Most Famous Axis Planes The Infamous Japanese AM6 Zero Country of Origin: Japan
Weapons: two 20mm cannons and two .303 inch. machine guns.
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi The Zero was used as a
kamikaze a final way to stop American ships by crashing into them. The First Jet Country of Origin: Germany
Weapons: Four 30mm Cannons
Manufacturer: Messerschmidt The first jet fighter was a the Me 262 of Germany scared the crud out of ally fighter and bomber pilots
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