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on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Florida

Jupiter Beach Resort
Historic Location
1564 The French Attempt
Political Location
Tallahassee, Florida

Florida has one of the top 10 longest coastlines in the world.The longest coastline in Florida is Atlantic/gulf which is 1350 miles long. The closest state to Florida's longest coastline is Alabama.
Choice Location
Disney World!!
By: Sarah Eden and Jade
If you're ready for a relaxing place then go to Jupiter Beach Resort. There is a local area, a pool and don't forget the beach! How they make money is attracting all the tourist. Now if your looking for a nice spa day go to the Jupiter Beach Resort's spa.
In 1564 the French had an attempt to settle down in Fort Carolina. Which is now known as Jacksonville, Florida. After many attempts it started to become a hopeless goal. The attempt effected South Florida and the Keys.
Tallahassee, Florida is the capital of Florida. It is a beautiful place. The population is 196,971. Tallahassee has tall buildings for sure!
Disney World is in the city of Orlando, Florida. Kids and Parents have a great time, everyone is welcome. You can go on fun ride's, meet princess and meet Mickey Mouse! One of the famous rides is a Rope Drop!!!
Economics in Florida
Economic Location
Geographic Location
Florida has many ways they earn money. Therefore, Florida is famous for attracting all the tourists. Florida makes lots of money a year. Florida has tons of tours around beaches. Like Jupiter Beach, Siesta Key, and Key West. Florida makes money in many other ways like their famous orange juice.
This is Key West!
This is Siesta Key
This is Jupiter Beach
History in Florida
In 1539 Hernando De Soto started another hunt for gold and silver. It took him through Florida which is now the southeast United States. De Soto and his soldiers camped in the capital of Florida Tallahassee. De Soto died near the Mississippi River in 1542.
This is Hernando De Soto
This is Hernando De Soto hunting for gold and silver in Florida.
Geography in Florida

Florida has many large cities. Like Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando. Florida is 53,927 square miles (139,671 square kilograms.) Therefore, today our main thing we are going to talk about is the Ever Green Swamp. The Ever Green Swamp has lots of visitors like schools and families searching for birds. The Ever Green has lots of different kinds of animals. For instance, snakes, fish, alligators and lots of different kinds of birds.
Theses are pictures of the Ever Green Swamp!!
This is Florida's longest coastline.
1. Florida has one of the top ten longest coastlines in the world
2. Florida's population is 19,317,568
3. Florida has a restaurant called Captain Curts
4. Florida is in the southeast region
5. The Governor is Rick Scott
6. The state bird is a Mockingbird
7. The state flower is a Orange Blossom
8. The state tree is a Sabal Palm
9. The state gem is a Moonstone
10. The state butterfly is a Zebra Longwing
The Governor is Rick Scott. He has 2 married daughters named Allison & Jordan. He also has 3 grandsons named Auguste, Quinton and Sebastian. He was born in Bloomington, Illinois.
This is a physical map of Florida
This is a Elevation map of Florida
This is a road map of Florida
This is a Economic map of Florida
Road Trip Distance
Jupiter Beach to Jacksonville,Florida is 300 miles
Jacksonville,Florida to Tallahassee, Florida is 225 miles
Tallahassee, Florida to Disney World (Orlando,Florida) is 300 miles
Disney World (Orlando,Florida) to The Longest Coastline Of Florida is 333 miles
Total road trip distance is 1,158 miles
Thanks for watching!!
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