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IB PORTFOLIOS: design & plan

No description

Stephanie Cooper

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of IB PORTFOLIOS: design & plan

Double click anywhere & add an idea IB Portfolios...… what's next? First, let’s review...
What have you already done?
Ready to design and plan? Before you get into the details of your proposed designs, you MUST decide on the 3 artifacts that you will include in your portfolio.
Which artifacts will you choose? You need one artifact that shows your international understanding.- maybe a project from French, Spanish, Social Studies?- or your participation in African American Heritage Night and/or Hispanic Night?
1 - international understanding 2 - Approaches to Learning You’ll need an artifact about your Approaches to Learning - something that shows how you learn best - like a project that you completed using your favorite learning style - or something that shows your super-duper organizational skills - or your collaborative group working skills - or a graphic organizer/flip-book/study guide/A+ test?
Areas of Interaction Your third artifact needs to be a project or event about one of the other 4 Areas of Interaction.
Once you have chosen your artifacts, its time to DESIGN! Think of and sketch out several portfolio designs that you might use.
Decide on the best one
Tell why and you’re done!
the DESIGN rubric
don’t forget to score yourself before you turn it in! the end Then, its time to PLAN. This is when you give all the details of your design/plan.
Tell all materials you might need.
Tell the steps you will take.
How much time will you need?
Do you need to go back and change the design? That’s ok! That’s why they call it the design “cycle”.
the PLAN rubric… (Again, score yourself with the rubric! Or have a friend score your plan. Ask for constructive critisism.) design = blueprint group work graphic organizers study skills! hands on everyone learnes differently do flip books help you learn? PS: Did you know that your portfolios will be displayed at a "Portfolio Reception" before the Awards Ceremony? The MYP design cycle
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