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No description

Jeff Heiser

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of StrategicPlan.2013

Not Your Grandpa's Strategic Plan Phase 1: Intro to the Process
and Data Collection Orientation
Collegiate Recreation Trends Survey Identify Common Trends
Constituent Needs
Organizational Review
Individual Reflection
Retreat Summary Document Phase 3
Retreat #2: Futurescaping Validation of Direction
Prep Work
3-Day Visit
Provided Feedback Phase 5- External Review
Peer Consultant Team Global
National 11 Common Trends Most Compelling Most compelling Most Compelling Higher Education Collegiate
Recreation Phase 7: Final Retreat Strategic Plan Intended Outcomes Energizing Process
Inclusive Process
A Plan that was a Roadmap
A Plan Grounded in the VOE
A New Way of Strategic Planning Phase 2
Retreat # 1: Ground Work Orientation to Process
Establish Ground Rules
Statement of Values
Outcomes for the Plan Homework Chancellor's Vision of Excellence
Division of Student Affairs
"Envisioning the Future of Student Affairs"
Executive Summary- Trends Survey Phase 4: Writing Retreat Summary became "Summary of Strategies"

Gathered Feedback Phase 6: Writing Final Draft of Areas of Focus Based on PCT Feedback
11 Strategies morphed into 10 Goals Establish Strategies and Metrics for each Goal Phase 10: Celebrate and Launch Unit-Specific Planning Processes Phase 8: Writing, writing, Writing Phase 9: Review, Feedback, Editing Department Celebration
Set Stage for Unit Specific Planning
Google Maps Phase 11: Implementation Program Updates at Dept. Meetings
Department Wide Work Teams
Posters A. Department History
B. Mission
C. Philosophical Statement
D. Statement of Values
E. Implementation Plan
F. Goals, Strategies, Metrics
G. Lengthy Appendix Our Final Plan Presentation Outcomes 1. Develop a strategic plan for your organization that is in alignment with the greater vision and mission of your campus.
2. Identify the value of an internal strategic planning process that engages staff as facilitators, planners, authors, etc.
3. Plan the necessary stages for a comprehensive and successful strategic planning process. Phase 11- Unit Specific Plans Department plan was foundation
Mirror the Department Process
Values and Principles
Unit Trends
Specific strategies and metrics for each goal Our Strategic Plan Grandpa's Strategic Plan 1) External Consultant
2) Select Group of Planners
3) Start with creation Mission/Vision
4) Utilize SWOT or STEEP Analysis 1) Mentor & Staff Committee
2) The Entire Organization as Planners
3) Ended with the creation of these through
lens of the trends
4) Analysis of organization after trends
and needs Laura Hall- Director, Recreation
Andy Ramirez- Senior Assistant Director
Erica Brown- Assistant Director
Jeff Heiser- Senior Assistant Director
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