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The History Of Chess

this is the history of chess.

Sage Anderson

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of The History Of Chess

Click anywhere & add an idea chess is a very fun and strategic game!! Chess is actually like midevil battles because the peices in chess would be the ranks in medevil war. no one really knows who did create the game of chess. But some people believe it was created by the persians. for example the pawns in midevil times were slave or peasents, and were sacraficed often. in chess pawns aren't that very important and you sacrifice them often to beat your enemy. could you figure out this easy 1 move checkmate? its white to move. this is a 5 move checkmate chess is a very tense game, but when you win a game a wave of sensation overwhelms you. chess can sometimes be an intense and dissaipointing game, but when you win a game a wave of joy will overwhelm you, I will show you this video to prove my point.
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