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Angie Carfi

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

the wyndham's by Angelia Carfi thanks for watching!!! The hunter Valley.. the dalwood restoration association Dalwood House George Wyndham... George Wyndham is my great great great great grandfather from my mothers side of the family. he was born on the 29th of august 1801
and he passed away on 24th december, 1870.
he built dalwood house in the hunter valley. Dalwood house is important
because it represents
one of the most important
pioneering families in the hunter valley. this house was designed by George Wyndham in 1829.

Dalwood house is a rare structure as it is one of the only surviving examples of one of the earliest greek survival buildings in new south wales, and also the earliest known building of this style in the hunter valley wyndham estate winery is located in the
hunter valley and has been running for over 170 years. The winery is currently owned by Orlando Wyndham which is a french company. This was the first company to show wines in England and the USA therfore it is mainly responsible for getting australian wines into the world stage This association is made up of various family members
of the wyndhams, to help save dalwood house from falling apart. this group of people have fundraisers to raise money to restore dalwood house to its original state.
One of the family members gifted dalwood house to the australian national trust (who look after properties that are significant to australian history ) due to lack of funding the national trust is unable to restore the home and still requires the dalwood restoration association to raise to funds for the restoration of dalwood house. parts of the home have been restored but due to the current change of weather the funding still goes on to hopefully in the future restore dalwood to its full original state. Hugh wyndham and Celia Haylock are my great great great grandparents. So Hugh and Celia had my great great grandparents Weeta Wyndham who married Charles Alfred Burne who had my great grandparents Kathleen Mary who married Otto James Turner Burrell who had my grandparents Alison Jean Burrell who married Mario Spina who had my mother Caterina Spina who married Agostino Carfi who had me. i will now just show you a few pictures and some documents that I have from George Wyndham's file! George Wyndham is my great great great great
Grandfather, from my mothers side of the family. He married Margaret Jay who became Margaret Wyndham. 14 children but two of them died as infants. Alward Wyndham was born in 1828,weeta Wyndham was born in 1829, George Wyndham was born in 1831 john wyndham was born in 1833, Francis wyndham was born in 1835, hugh Wyndham was born in 1836, Laetitia whyndham was born in 1838, Alexander Wyndham was born in 1840, Charles wyndham was born in 1842, Guy Wyndham was born in 1843, reginald Wyndham was born in 1845 and finally wadham Wyndham was born in 1848. Wyndham Estate Winery me! the hunter valley is where it is all happening and where it all happened dalwood house is in the hunter valley as well as wyndham estate winery.. it is a beautiful piece of land but also has a lot of meaning to it for Australian history. George Wyndham..
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