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Modern Global situation related to the Crucible

No description

Christian Reddick

on 9 November 2015

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Transcript of Modern Global situation related to the Crucible

Modern Global situation related to the Crucible
Religious Connection
The Yazidis people believe that there god could protect there temple amd there people. The Crucible is related because the people of Salem believed that there god could protect there town and people.
Deaths lead to deserted homes...
Many small towns and homes were deserted because thousands of Yazidis people were killed. In The Crucible, during the trials many people died and many homes were left empty and crops slowly died off, which is related to the event.
Innocent Killings
Modern Event
The event we chose was "Driven by horrific memories, Yazidis prepare to reclaim their homes from ISIS.
In the play of the crucible people were being hung for no reason because of rumors and lies. Our modern event is related because ISIS killed innocent Yazidis people for no reason.
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