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Jacko 24680

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Tune in Signpost Organiser Organiser 2 Thank you for listening to my speech on animals dieing. I hope you yes you can save one animal at least one. Remember five pounds a mouth. Perhaps you could make a difference today. Thank you again for listening. Do you want to see more and more poor animals die? I hope not because this speech is all about animals dieing however some are only just still alive now. Please listen for more information on this. Next up on our animal dieing speech we will be talking all the information I have on animals dieing. Please keep listening. If you were about to get killed or put in a zoo like animals are doing now If you call 07231 222 333 now they will talk to you about why animals are dieing like hell however be cruel to them. If you save one animal just one you get five pound each mouth if you save it. If you save it you also get pictures,toys and news on how the animal is doing. There are 453 animal on the planet and 53 of the are already been exstickt. So stop now and save our mammals. Wake up Persuasive Speech On animals dieing
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