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The Red Pandas

No description

Sarah Judas

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of The Red Pandas

The Red Pandas
By: Sarah Judas and Maggie Loonam
What Red Panda's Eat in the wild
Whats killing them
What red pandas eat in Captivity
According to Mike Owyang (red panda expert) the red pandas eat this in captivity...

Red Panda Habitat
Red pandas habitats are mostly in forests, but they also live in mountains such as the Himalayas.
Red pandas Anatomy

There are only about 10,000
Red Pandas left in the wild
Ailurus Fulgens
Bird of prey
Snow leopards
We Have to Save them
What came first the panda
or the Red Panda?
Climbing from
the predator
How will YOU save them?
Who are the Red Pandas?
Whats killing them
We can...
Red Pandas are a extremely endangered animal,

and everybody's help counts to save them.
Thank You!
Red Pandas
Where Red pandas Live
Millions of peoples actions are endangering
Red Pandas

Story Time
Red panda escape
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