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French year

No description

Ana Laura Ortiz

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of French year

A French year
French Food has the best chefs in world and the place where cuisine is usually practised
Touristic places
There are many places to visit around the country. If you go to Paris you must see the Eiffel Tower. It is an important symbol of city of Paris
Top French Sports
The five Most popular festivals of France!

An other important place is Versailles Palace. It was the official residence of the French kings. It is the biggest palace in the world. It is the most important building.
The Arch Of Triumph was built between 1806 and 1836. At its feet always burn a fire flame in memory of the soldiers fallen during the First World War
The Louvre Museum. In this place you will see one of the most important picture from Leonardo Da Vinci. The Gioconda also known as the Mona Lisa
The Notre Dame Cathedrale is a Catolic church. It was built in gothic style between 1163 to 1345.
The Côte d' azur also is know as French Rivera. It is the name given to a part of the Mediterranean coast in Southeast France. It is a one of the most famous turistic center in summer.
Cannes Film Festival
-Held in may every year in a town in Southern France.
-Movies are shown and talked about during this ocassion and the best stars compete for de much valued Palm d´ Or.
-Visitors are drawn in large numbers with the hope that they can have a glimpse of their favorite actors and actresses.
Festival d´ Avignon
-This is a celebration of art.
-It includes music, cinema, dance and theatre.
-Held every year in july.
-People can watch and take part in the performance.
Bastille Day
-Celebrated on 14th july every year.
-This event marks the invasion and entry into Bastille.
-There are fireworks.
-People flock the streets to watch the military parade on Champs-Elysées.
Fête de la Musique
The festival of de music invites expert of the music and renditions ranging from jazz, techno to orchestras and choirs.
It´s a huge musical event.
Nice Carnival
This event ocurrs in february. There are musical concerts, dance, fireworks and other festivities.
In France there are 53 festivals during the year in different regions, so the turists can enjoy them in different moment.
French Music
to know french music, you could listen to..
The most popular sports in France are cycling, motorcycling,
formula 1 and rally car racing.
Maurice Jarre
French composer 1924/2009
Pierre Schaeffer
He was a french composer, he's consiered the creator of concrete music. (1910-1995)
Charles Aznavour
He's a singer, songwriter and french actor of armenian origin, as "the ambassador of french song" He is 90 years old and is one of the most popular and longest race in the h french history music, and he is the best know internationally. He has sold over 100 millon records
David Guetta
For many people he's the creator of the electronics to be DJ, composer and record producer
Edith Piaf
She is an importan figure and is considered "the spirit of france"
High school
There ir a variety of different styles of music with influences from America, Africa and Asia wich hace gotten in to the culture of this country through immigration and the colonies. It has been influenced rhythms and notes becoming a harmonious blen, French music of th middle ages come from gregorian chant.
Instrumental music became more important and it's important to note that the opera was introduced in France in 1670s.
The principal products are butter, cheese, mushroom, tomatoes and special herbs
The most important food is CHEESE

There are between 350 and 400 types of like coat, sheep goat, cured, semi cured fresh and blue
The most important drink is WINE
French Famous People..
France has given to humanity great representatives in different areas. Example in the military area have been Napoleon and Charles de Gaulle.
In the field of philosopy are as important:
Rene Descartes
Jean Jacques Rousseau
It is important to mention in the area of Medicine:
Louis Pasteur
Marie Curie
In art the most prominent characters have been:
Edouard Manet
Claude Monet
August Renoir
Other world famous celebrities that should be mentioned are:
Coco Chanel
Edith Piaf
Brigitte Bardot
Zinedine Zidane
Fashion French
The Hair
The Hairstyles
The Clothes
The Make up
The most important people in the fashion world
Pierre Cardin
The french education system
The education system is split into three stages: primary school, secondary school, and high school

Border of France
Oceanic climate:
(wester france) average rainfall is spread over many days and modest annual temperature variations
Continental climate
(central and eastern france) cold winters and hot summers.
Mediterranean climate (south eastern france): warm and dry summers, rainfall from october to april, damp but mild weater.
Mountain climate: high rainfall, snows three to six months per year
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