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Library Media

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of Dolphins

Striped dolphins

Striped dolphins have a stripe pattern on them.
Hectors dolphin
These dolphins are one of the most rarest dolphins in the entire world.
bottle nose dolphins
The bottle nose dolphin is very common to be seen in aquariums and sea parks.
Spinner Dolphin
The spinner dolphin is known to spin in the air
Just Dolphins
Dolphins are known to be very intelligent.Girl dolphins are called cows and boy dolphins are called bulls.
Chilean dolphin
Dusky dolphins
Dusky dolphins are known to travel far distances.
Male bottle nose dolphins are bigger than females.They can also breath under water for up to seven minutes.
Bottle nose dolphins have very very little of smell.Almost to without a sence of smell.
Spinner dolphins like to jump and flip in the air.
Spinner dolphins eat squid and fish.
They travel in groups that are called Schools.
They live in warm oceans all over the world.
They like cold waters better than warm ones.
Dusky dolphins are 6 feet long or 6 1/2 feet long.
The male and females sizes look alike.
Duskt dolphins weigh from 150 pounds
to 187 pounds.
On their sides they are darker than underneath them.
The stripes on their body can be cream or light gray colored
These dolphins eat shrimp and small fish.
The stripe on them starts at the eye and ends at the tail.
A predator for a dolphin is a shark.
They can jump 20 feet out of the water.
Some types of dolphins are endangered. :( :(
Chilean dolphins bodys are thick.
These dolphins eat small fish and squid they also eat some other types of sea animals.
These dolphins are
normaly found in small
groups of less than 10 dolphins.
They are one of the most smallest marine dolphins.
Their body is stocky.
They are found in groups that are called schools.
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