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Bias in the Media

No description

Alex Rigby

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Bias in the Media

Why is this topic important?

What is Media Bias?

Different Forms of Media
Campaign Ads
Television Shows

Social Media
Why does media care?
Pros/Cons of media bias
How you can avoid falling into the media bias trap

Barack Obama-2012 Presidential Campaign
Media Bias in Political Campaign Ads
Pros and Cons of Media Bias
Stephen Colbert-The Colbert Report
TV networks can be politically biased, giving more conservative or liberal opinions on political events
Young adults watch Late Night Shows as a news source
Political satire
Media Bias in Television Shows
Bias in the Media
Alex Rigby, Jaclyn O'Connor, Ellie Lundgren
Social Media
Social Media is this generation's main news source
Communities can be formed via social media sites (Political and Nonpolitical)
These communities can be unifying, or divisive
Why Does Media Care
Rupert Murdoch
Everything is about getting the most money

Media can influence what politicians do and say
OTM Story: Murdoch's Media Empire
Citizens should be aware if they are only seeing liberal/conservative Facebook posts

Citizens should question whether or not they're being exposed to all sides of a topic

Media Enterprises can give equal airtime to both sides to show they don't favor one side over another
2008 Obama campaign example
Fairness Doctrine
How to Avoid Media Bias Trap
You're only given one side of the story which in return doesn't allow for educated citizens
People only stick to their beliefs and aren't shown/hear opposing beliefs
Contributes to an ideologically divided society
Reinforces your own beliefs, you can watch shows that cater more towards your beliefs so they will be more in-depth which in turn allows you to know more about the topic
To Recap
How does the media influence society/politics?
Ads, Television Shows, Social Media

Why does the media act this way?
Money and power

Solutions to the problem

And now... an interactive activity!
Biased news media increased in last 3 presidential elections
Is the media biased in a liberal direction?
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