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The Negative And Positive Effects Of War

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Lindsay McClain

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of The Negative And Positive Effects Of War

The Negative And Positive Effects Of War
by:Lindsay McClain

War is one of the great agencies by which human progrees is effected. It causes national growth and solves problems of domestic and political economy. War is sent not necessarily for the punishment, nor yet for national aggrandizement but for shaping the peoples destiny. "no power was ever based on foundations so sure and deep as those which rome laid during three centuries of conquest" said a modern historian.
Positive Effects Of Women During The War.
Women benefits:
The Positive Effects Of Diffrent Races
Many African americans got jobs. When they began to work earned more respect. Over a million african americans got drafted for war. They also defeated 7 German ships.
United States Gained Global Power
At the end of World War Two the unted states came out on top and unleashed the most powerful force on the planet. They were on top because the dropped a bomb on Nagasaki. They won the war.
The Negative Effects Of War
The war caused destruction on large scale. They bought weapons instead of giving homeless children food or giving them a better education. Soldiers give their lives and it reduces population. Families are broken up. germany lost their homes and historic buildings. Japan lost their homes and their honor. The result of the war is starvation, innocent death, disability, poverty, violence, reduction to population, destruction of resources, and crash of economy.
The benefits of war
Rosie was a symble for working women. She was a strong women, she helped people realize that women can do more then just clean.
Women at work:
Women were now aloud to have jobs. Women built all the ships, guns, and planes. They also were aloud to deal with the heavy machinery. They relized women could do alot more.
Womans worth:
They said if you could run a car you could run a machine. Women also got better pay.
African Americans:
Hispanics fought in world war two and won many awards for bravery.
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