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My Portfolio Project

No description

Lorenzo Bonato

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of My Portfolio Project

Lorenzo's Portfolio Project
Social Studies
Article Summary
Thank you for listening
Persuasive Paragraphs
Beginning of year:
For service hours this year I have been volunteering at a peer-mentoring program called Big Brothers, assisting coaches at Exceleration's triathlon club, and reading as a lecture at mass
From assisting at triathlon I have learned a lot about how to deal with kids such as being patience with them when they aren't listening, and teaching them things such as how to swim or ride a bike
Reading at mass has helped me grow in faith by reading scripture and has helped me become a better speaker
Spending time with my little buddy and seeing him happy and having fun has taught me that helping others is very rewarding
Paragraph Comparison and Improvements:
Application of Rubric
Improving My Grades:
We Learn The Most From Our Parents:
Christian Education
English Language Arts
End of year:

We Learn The Most From Our Parents
Improving My Grades
The challenge Adam faced was when he was tempted to eat from the tree of knowledge
He ate from the tree knowing he wasn't supposed to, and when he was caught, instead of admitting to the sin that he committed on his own free will, he blamed his wrongdoings on Eve
This story relates to me because I often don't accept my sins and look for ways to blame it on others, just as Adam did
From Adam's story I have learned that my sins are from my own actions. This teaches me to always think of the actions I am about to take and if they are wrong, to take responsibility for them
Gr. 8 2014-2015
Through my studies in religion class I have grown in my faith with my new
of God which has made me
and enabled me to come closer to God
1. Knowledge
3. Wisdom
2. Understanding
From my religion classes I now have a greater understanding of the messages that the scriptures are communicating. Now I can appreciate the beauty of the scriptures and can carry them out into my daily life
Through religion class I have grown in my faith by understanding the importance of prayer in my life. I have learned that prayer is a very powerful way of connecting to God. If I take the time to focus on prayer I feel at peace with myself and others.

Through the power of story telling in religion class I am inspired to be a better person, putting others before me and understanding that God is always there for me
We Learn The Most From Our Parents

I learn a lot from many different people, but I always learn the most from my parents. Unlike teachers and coaches, my parents are always there for me, talking to me, and giving me advice. Since I was little my parents have always been helping me and teaching me important life lessons that I still remember. My parents have been taking care of me since I was little. They know my personality and understand how I act and learn. Teachers and coaches on the other hand don’t spend the same time with you as your parents, so they aren’t with you every day so they can only teach you day to day things No matter how good your coach is, you always learn the most from the people who are around you and understand you, your parents.

Improving My Grades

This term I have learned many different techniques that I will use to improve my grades. Firstly I need to get my service hours handed in. Accounting for 12 percent of my mark, it has greatly dropped my religion average. I can get these service hours handed-in by helping out once a week at a program called Big Buddies, coaching at triathlon, and reading as a lecture during mass. A very helpful technique I will use is time management. This will plan out when and what I study so I don’t rush at the last minute. If I follow my schedule this technique will help me be organized and on top of my schoolwork so all my grades will boost for next term.

Nepal Earthquake Kills More Than 1,900 People
April 25, 2015
CBC News
A devastating earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday, April 25, 2015, the countries worst in 81 years. This 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, destroying cities all over the country. More than 2 dozen aftershocks have already struck, increasing the death toll to over 2,000 people and injuring more than 5,000 others. Canada and other countries are giving aid to Nepal and this poor nation is now on the road to recovery
The original quake took place at Lamjung, approximately 80 kilometers from the capital, Kathmandu. It's aftershocks have been felt as far as it's neighboring countries, India and China.

This year we learned that there were also earthquakes in ancient times. Since the people long ago didn't know how earthquakes were created, they thought they were punishments from God.
We also learned that in Ancient China, enemies wouldn't attack China from the west side because the Himalayan Mountains were in their path. The enemies knew that the mountains which make up most of Nepal, are dangerous and are prone to earthquakes and landslides.
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