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Using the Library for Chemistry

No description

Academic Support Officer

on 27 September 2017

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Transcript of Using the Library for Chemistry


Where to find us
If you want to visit the Library,
you can find us in Library Road
The Library also provides a
wide variety of other study spaces to suit your different learning needs

All members of the University are welcome to use the Library and you can access the building using your University ID card.

How do I enter the Library?

The latest information on study space opening hours is available on the Library website
When can I use the Library?
The Library is open
24 hours a day
, except for certain statutory holidays
Books can be borrowed using the
Self Issue machines on Floor 1
Where do I go to borrow books?

Download the print guide
Where do I go to return books?
Books can be returned at the
Returns machine on Floor 1
Download the print guide

How do I get more help?

The best way to ask us a question is to use Enquire
You can search our Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQs) or, if you can’t find the answer
you’re looking for you can submit an enquiry online
You can also email us at library@warwick.ac.uk

Get Started
The how, where and who of getting started with the Library. Includes videos, PDF guides and links to useful pages on the Library website.
The Helpdesk is located by the entrance to the Library. For help with questions about your Library Account; paying fines; borrowing and renewing; placing holds and more.
Library Stewards patrol study areas ensuring that people are adhering to the Rules and Regulations. Stewards are also on duty during unstaffed periods to ensure a pleasant working environment for all users.
for your subject
The Chemistry subject pages on the Library website contain training and resources to support you with your studies.
You can also contact your Academic Support Librarian, Helen Ireland, for more advice.


Download the print guide
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