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Ferdinad Megallan

No description

brittany valencia

on 7 November 2015

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Transcript of Ferdinad Megallan

Sailed for...
He was from Portugal but was hired by Spain to lead an expedition. With the support of King Charles the .V
He did...
Though Magellan did not make it around the world, he did lead the first expedition to do so.
Ferdinad died stab wounded and around 40 of his men were killed in a battle in Mactan,phillipines . Unfortunately, Magellan did not see the end of his historic journey.
1.On the long journey across the Pacific the sailors ate rats and sawdust to survive.
2.Many of the sailors were Spanish and did not trust Magellan because he was Portuguese
3.Antonio Pigafetta. He wrote detailed journals throughout the voyage recording all that happened. Much of what we know about Magellan's travels comes from his journals. He told of the exotic animals and fish they saw as well as the terrible conditions they endured.    
Thank you!
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Ferdinad Magellan
Hero or Villian
i think he is a hero because he proved the world round and villian because killed for fotune and fame
Fernando de Magallanes
(Ferdinand Magellan)
Born in Sobrosa,Portugal,1480
Died in Mactan,Philippines,1521
As young boy,he studied map making. Once older, he was sailing in large fleets and even in contact with combat. With support of king charles V . Magellan sailed out to circumnavigate the globe.While he did face many dramatic events during his life,he did prove the world was round.
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