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Mitchell Currie

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of ESPN

Competition CBS and TBS 2010 - 2024 Televise all NCAA tournament games The Worldwide Leader in Sports 100 Million 2000 Diversification Related Linked Diversification
Limited linkages to share their products, technologies, and distributions
Less than 70% of their total revenue come from their dominate business (Domestic TV) ESPN Also Operates General Environment Demographic Economic Political/Legal Sociocultural Technological Global 2006 Doris Burke Erin Andrews Dana Jacobson Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Brand Name Sports Agreements Seasonality of Business Currency Fluctuations Increasing Costs ESPN 3D Competitive Pressure Renewal of Contracts Loss of Programming Biased Criticism Variety of Sports Industry Analysis-Porter's Five forces
Threat of New Entrants
Bargaining Power of Suppliers
bargaining Power of Buyers
Threat of Substitute Products
Intensity of Rivalry among Competitors
Threat of New Entrants Bargaining Power of Suppliers Bargaining Power of Buyers Threat of Substitute Products Intensity of Rivalry Among Competitors Internal Analysis Strategic Evaluation: Global Strategy Conclusion: Strategic Evalution: Transnational Strategy ESPN in Latin America Conclusion: Use Transnational Strategy because it can get higher returns than Global Strategy when used effectively Questions? Standardized Products
ESPN Currently Broadcasts in 175+ Countries
Most Popular Sports By Country:
England - Soccer
India - Cricket
Canada - Ice Hockey
USA - Football ESPN should NOT use a Global Strategy because they will not be able to satisfy the needs of different countries. Local Responsiveness
Hire anchors that look and speak like target market
Ex: ESPN in Latin America
Global Efficiency
Share core competencies of television production worldwide Value Chain Analysis
-Primary Activities
Production of TV Shows
Charging Programming Fees
Sports Programming
-Support Activities
Financial Resources
Human Resources - Sports Anchors
Research & Development
Internal Strength: Accessibility and Variety of Sports Programming
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