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White Turtle

Final presentation

Kanupriya Bishnoi

on 28 March 2012

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Transcript of White Turtle

Think out of the box! The Pod! WHITE TURTLE SYNDICATE-2 The American Institute of Architects awarded R. Buckminster Fuller a gold medal, acclaiming his invention, the geodesic dome, as "the strongest, lightest and most efficient means of enclosing space known to man".
Sacred geometry White Turtle rests beautifully cradled in the hills of Auli, Uttarakhand. White turtle The concept promotes sustainable tourism and eco tourism. It is eco-friendly and adventurous while being well equipped and luxurious.
The Concept market analysis Clifftop Club 42 Rooms which include 22 luxury rooms, 18 luxury Suites and 2 luxury Family Suites

Room Rates start from Rs 7800. to Rs 11000

Some of the Facilities that Clifftop club provides are:Hiking/Trekking, Indoor games room, al fresco Dining Restaurant, Open air Bar-b-queue, Laundry, Television, Telephone
GMVN (Garwhal Mandal Vikas Nigam) GMVN has a total number of 35 rooms
Room Rates Start from Rs 1100 to Rs 1400
The Facilities that GMVN provides are:Trekking, Doctor on call, Television, In-room Service
White turtle We’ll be having a total number of 30 pods
Some the Facilities we would Provide are:Spa with Sauna and Jacuzzi with Hydrotherapy , Outdoor Temperature controlled Swimming Pool, 9 hole pitch and putt Golf Course, A multi-Cuisine Restaurant
Restaurant "Nirvana" Dome projections layout of the resort Exterior facade of the pod Swimming pool 1. Kanupriya Bishnoi (16038) – Team leader
2. Mukta Arora (16129 )
3. Dilsher Sukhija (16029)
4. Shivani Sharan (16087)
5. Rohit Akula (16073)
6. Varad Joshi (16112)
7. Nishkarsh Jain (16055)
8. Angad Dumra (16017)
Mirage - Spa Layout of the pod Golf course lazy turtle financial phase Amenities used in the pod Material Cost = Amenities Cost + Linen Cost (Bathroom Linen + Room Linen) =Rs 47470/ Pod, 47470 × No. of Pods 30 = Rs 1424100

Cash Income (for 1 year) = No. of Rooms × Occupancy % ×365 ×Room Tariff (Arr) = Rs. 4, 92, 75000
Monthly Labour Expenses = Rs 466000

Therefore yearly Labour Expenses = 466000 × 12 = Rs 55, 92000

Operating expenses = Labour (Staffing Expenses) + Overhead (Electricity Expenses) + Miscellaneous 20 % = Rs. 7207092

Operating Expenses = Material (Amenities/room × No. of rooms) + (Categories × cost) + (Linen cost × No. of rooms) + Labour + Overhead Expenses + 20% Misc = = Rs 2764812

Initial Investment:
Cost of 1 Pod is Rs 5, 00, 000
Monthly Rent is Rs 1, 75000
Security Charges are Rs 10, 00, 000
Construction Cost is Rs 5, 00, 00, 000

Initial Investment = Rs 11, 21, 85000

Net Operating Income = Cash Income Operating Expenses = = Rs 46510188

Pay Back Period = Initial Investment ÷ Net Operating Income
= 112185000 ÷ 46510188
= 2.4 Years
Molton Brown THANK YOU
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