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Personal Context

No description

Jessica Whan

on 24 July 2016

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Transcript of Personal Context

The life of
Wystan Hugh Auden
Literary Context
Historical Context
Auden was influenced by the poetry of Thomas Hardy, Emily Dickinson and more and started his own collection of poetry, publishing his collection known as
in 1928, the same year he graduated.
Early life
Born in 19076 to a physician father and Anglican mother.
Initially pursued science and engineering at the Oxford university to then find his love of writing and poetry. He switched his major to English.

Representing People and Politics
Cultural Context
Personal Context
Career Success
In 1930, another book of poems with the same title but different content was released. This lead to his success as a literature leader of the 20th century.
His early part of his success was due to his ability to write in many verse forms and had the overall theme of political morality. His poem, In Memory of W.B Yeats was written at this time (1940).
1911- The Chinese Revolution
1913- Personal Income Tax introduced
1914- WWI Begins
1916- First use of Tanks in warfare
1917- U.S enters WW1
1919- Hitler joins the Nazi Party
1919- Treaty of Versailles Ends World War I
1920- League of Nations Established
1921- Extreme inflation in Germany
1923- Hitler gaoled after failed coup
1924- First Winter Olympic Games
1925- Hitler's
Mein Kampf
is Published.
1928- Kellogg-Briand Treaty Outlaws War
1929- The beginning of The Great Depression
1930- Stalin Begins Collectivizing Agriculture in the U.S.S.R.
1933- Adolf Hitler Appointed Chancellor of Germany
1934- The Great Terror Begins in the Soviet Union
1935- Germany Issues the Anti-Jewish Nuremberg Laws
1936- Stalin's Great Purge begins
1938- Evian Conference About Jewish Refugees From Nazi Germany
1939- W.B Yeats passed away
1939- Beginning of WWII
Different Perspectives
Perspective 1:
Perspective 2:
Perspective 3:
Figurative Language
Grammatical and Sound Devices
What is being said in the poem?
Look at Themes and Meanings
Highlight what I'm struggling with
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