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Black Death Vs. Cholera

No description

Harvir Rajasanci

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Black Death Vs. Cholera

The Black Death Originated in India and China in 1348 - 1349.
Origin Of Disease: Black Death
Death Toll: Black Death
Cholera is a pandemic that could effect a large amount of people however small percentages of people die. The disease results in economic loss of high amount of millions of problems due to many cases of Cholera with an average of 100,000 cases and up every year.
Do not handle sick or dead animal bodies, but if you must use gloves plus face and eye protection. Avoid rodents (mice, rats) and rodent droppings. Avoid insect bites by using an insect repellent containing DEET, Eliminate fleas from your home. Avoid touching infected tissues, materials, or body fluids from a plague-infected person or animal, keep a minimum of 3 feet between you and anyone who may have the lung form of plague(Pneumonia)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Vol I, No. 1
This Is A Picture Of Dead
Causes And Symptoms: Black Death
Causes And Symptoms: Cholera
Symptoms of Cholera can be Rapid Heart rate, loss of skin elasticity, Dry
mucous membranes, Low blood pressure, Dehydration, Muscle cramps and the causes of this can be Municipal water supplies or ice made from municipal water supplies, Foods and drinks sold by street vendors, Vegetables grown with water containing human wastes, And raw and uncooked fish and seafood caught in waters that contain sewage.
Black Death Vs. Cholera
Some of the symptoms of Black Death
can be becoming weak, headaches,
being sick, chills, the skin dieing the
turning black, having tumors in the
groin or armpits, some as large as a
common apple, fever, and vomiting
Places affected were
parts of Asia and
basically most of

Effects of Cholera can be Severe Vomiting, Diarrhea, And Severe Dehydration.
Symptoms Of Cholera
Cholera Feces
Death Toll: Cholera
Cholera killed thousands of people in Europe and North America and created mass panic across two continents.
Prevention: Cholera
Ways to prevent Cholera can be cook food well, keep it covered, eat it hot, peel fruits and vegetable, clean up well in the kitchen, make ice, drink use safe water, and wash your hands with soap and safe water.
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