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The Dance

No description

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of The Dance

I have decided that the theme of the dance would be a Hawaiian luau.
Decorations would be
*blow up palm trees
*coconut cups
* umbrellas
*sea shells
( All of the decorations will be hand made from scratch)
The Dance
Who is invited: All Elementary Students
Where will it be held: The Gym
What time: 4:00-7:00
Mountain Dew=$3.79
Orange crush=$3.79
water=$4.99 (1 pack
The helpers that are going to help are my friends Matthew, Bradley, Mason, Cele and Quentin. They are going to help me prepare and pass out the food and drinks.
The amount of money the students will have to pay to get in will be $5.00. All the money will go to the PTO or towards field trips.
I would need your permission to use PTO money to plan my school dance. I would use the money to buy food and drinks for the students to buy at the dance. Students must have an adult to attend.
Food & Drinks
*Face painters
*hula hoop contest
*Lei making station
Pizza= Dominoes donated 5 pizzas.
Ice cream=$3.99
Total( without tax) $46.18
My father has decided that he would donate the money for the food and drinks.
Thank you for watching
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