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Katie Sherrell

on 8 April 2015

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Transcript of Reformation

7th Grade Social Studies
Indulgences (sell salvation)
Greed $$$$
Is the Pope really that holy?
Problems in the Church
John Wycliffe
Desiderious Erasmus
Martin Luther
John Calvin
Henry the eighth
Leaders of the Protestant Pack
The Catholic Church will try to make "changes" to keep its grasp on the masses.
Counter Reformation
Go to the following link to review today's lesson.
John Wycliffe Speaks Out!!

First to stand up!
English Priest
Does NOT believe in the Pope.
Who was Erasmus?

People should use their reason to become better christians.
It is not enough to just go to church.
Praise of Folly

Here comes Luther! Watch your doors!

What did Luther see to make him doubt the Catholic church? p.304
95 Theses
Indulgences are wrong!
Pope makes mistakes.
I don't need the clergy to repent.
Faith alone brings salvation
Diet of Worms
Ideas affect government.
John Calvin
Faith alone brings salvation
What would Calvinist do to prove they would be saved? p. 307
Church members should choose clergy.
How does this affect the government?
Henry the Eighth

King of England
Breaks from Catholic church
Wanted to annul marriage
Starts Anglican church
Spanish Inquistion
Leader: Torquemada
Religious Wars

Use your map to color in the appropriate colors for the regions and their religion.
Catholic- purple
Calvinist- dark green
Lutheran- light green
Anglican- orange

Use your textbook p. 312
Graphic Organizer

Compare and contrast Lutheranism to Calvinism. Use this prezi to fill in the blanks.
Pope could make mistakes
Faith only salvation
1. Catherine of Aragon
2. Anne Boleyn
3. Jane Seymour
4. Anne Cleves
5. Kathryn Howard
6. Catherine Parr
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