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Pottery Project 1

No description

Sarah Halstead

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of Pottery Project 1

Emotional Pinch Reflections
-Japanese contemporary
ceramic artists,
Takako Araki
"Sculpture doesn't have
to answer to
society or beauty"
Every artistic choice made gives the viewer an additional piece of information used to determine the meaning, or intention, of the piece.
Sculpture is a
Visual Language!
Forms, shapes, colors, textures, patterns, etc. are all used to generate meaning...
What do you feel/think when you look at these samples? What is the artist's message?
Successfully apply skills of pinch creation, slip & score, coil rolling, and slab rolling
Utilize proper wet building and drying procedures
Complete a successfully bisque fired and glaze fired series
Learn to utilize ceramics as a visual language
Project Objections:
Students must display use of pinch pot technique as the core structure
Students must successfully apply slip and score techniques to all additive matter
Students must create a series of 3 forms, minimum
All forms must be AT LEAST 5" in height and 5" in diameter (at it's widest point)
All forms must be glazed and submitted as FINAL products (no unfinished work will be accepted)
Project Requirements:
As an official FHS artist, create
a series of 3 pinch forms that expresses/reflects one strong continual emotion you are having at this point in your life.
Discuss with your table various emotions you have been encountering. Be prepared to share several.
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