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Copy of Fruits and Vegetables

No description

Scott Bradley

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables 1.How much fruits and vegetables do 12-13 year old boys and girls? 12-13 year old boys and girls need 3 servings of fruit and they need 4 serving of vegetables. They need lots of fruit because fruits contain antioxidants and antioxidants prevent certain types of cancers and hearth diseases. Vegetables are equally important because they contain many vitamins and minerals that are essential for our bodies. Also the more colorful your fruits and vegetables platter is, the healthier it will be since it is covering a wide variety. Fruits and Vegetables Fruits and vegetables are very essential and play a very important role in providing numerous nutrients and vitamins in a healthy diet. Fruits and vegetables both contain vitamins and antioxidants. There are many kinds of fruits and vegetables that you can eat, also it is good that there are many kinds of fruits and vegetables because if you are a picky eater you have lots to choose from. Today I will also be talking about how much fruits and vegetables 12-13 year old boys and girls need, what is the recommended serving size, what fruits and vegetables you can find in my food group and many other things related to fruits and vegetables. Lets begin. 2.What foods can be found in my food group? There are many kinds of fruits and vegetables and here are some examples. Fruits like strawberries, blueberries, açaí berries, raspberries, apples, plums, bananas, kiwis, pears and peaches, these are just the common ones there are still many more. Vegetables consist of peas, brussel sprouts, black eyed peas, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and spinach. As I said before you have lots of food to choose from and plus I only listed the common ones, there are still many more fruits and vegetables. 3.What is the recommended serving size? 4.What food from my food group are good for the brain. Well an apple is very good for brain development and helps you focus on what your doing. Spinach and beets are also very good for the same reason. Eating these foods helps enhance your memory retention since they are full of iron. A handful of blueberries per day help in recovering hurt brain cells. For vegetables you need 4 servings a day and 1 serving is equivalent to 1 cup. For fruits you need 3 servings per day and 1 serving is equivalent to 1/2 a cup. 5.Do fruits and vegetables help you maintain a healthy weight Yes fruits and vegetables help you maintain a healthy weight because they speed up your metabolism, adds healthy calories which are easily digested by your body and they don't just sit in your stomach. When you eat fruits and vegetables you feel full and hence will not crave for unhealthy foods and will make you stay away from snacking in between meals. Today you learned how fruits and vegetables are important, how many servings we should eat in a day, what size is each serving and that you have lots of fruits and vegetables to choose from. Remember a life without fruits and vegetables is no good, we need them in order to have better memory and maintain a healthy weight. Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your daily diet will lead to a healthy lifestyle which in turn will have a positive impact on your body and mind. Always remember "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Too bad so sad
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