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Presentation BCG SSES

Presentation for a BCG case study

Vincent Fremont

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Presentation BCG SSES

Double click anywhere & add an idea Case Study By the Group 11
Saiful Islam (KI)
Selvakumar Thiruvenkadam (KTH)
Sergio Soto (KTH)
Vincent Fremont (SU)
Vishnu Priya Bollampalli (KTH)

Positive Growth At the end of fiscal 2004, the Revenue - $343.68m

Net Profit After Tax (NPAT) was an impressive $12.14m

Acquiring regional, psychiatry & rehabilitation specializing hospitals

underlying strategic settings and strict financial criteria

Positive upturn in company’s performance contributed by
Improvements in the area of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S),
Better risk management and employee safety
Reduced logistic and supply
Appointment of National Manager of Psychiatry to manage psychiatric services

Profitability Development Contributions from recently acquired hospitals – improvements in financial performance expected.

Strong balance sheet & good positioning of the management team – enable to utilize opportunities suitable for their strategy.

nurses’ wages
medical malpractice premiums
drugs and medical supplies
Key issue to address - increases in hospital rates from health insurers to recover the significant cost increases due to Strengths High quality facilities
Acquired much regional private hospital with ancillary services
Major contribution of hospital beds in states like SA & NT and TAS is by HP
Good increment in EBIT margin is by Psychiatric hospital Weaknesses High nurses wages
Financial loss with Melbourne South East Private Hospital
very low EBIT margin of medical/surgical hospital
Hospitals handled by HP
and their market analysis
The Lobby To Grow and Diversify The Nurse Formation HP Premium
Recommendation The nurse solution Market attractiveness by geography Health Plus
Concequences of a shortage
slow the increase in the cost of nursing care
A private program for the formation of specialised nurses
the most appropriate nurse care

An eroding rebate
Higher premiums
A declining trend in the number of insured
A financial program to provide its own premium
A more affordable premium
More patients
Third largest private hospital operator in Australia

Focusing on Psychiatric,


Regional medical/surgical private hospitals

Ancillary services
- Pathology
- Radiology
- Small medical centers Revenue growth 47% in 2004 over previous year

EBIDTA decrease from 11.3% to 8.5% Market analysis

Size & growth

Number of Beds of HP hospitals: Unchanged from 2003 to 2004
Number of Bed increased in 2003 for acquiring some new hospitals
The growth of HP hospitals is almost static Number of Private Hospitals in Australia and available beds in them decreased last year Positive Drivers: Introduction of a new and attractive insurance service (example Life Time Health Cover)
Better quality Health services Negative Drivers: Unreliability
Private sector rejecting patients
Bed shortage in private hospitals
Long waiting Times
Public hospitals have better equipment and staff
Unaffordable price Proportion of Australian population with private hospital insurance is decreasing Limited offers for patient with private insurance
The public system is still under pressure Grow with efficiency
Take some market share
Slow down the premium prices increase
Increase the number of patients with private insurance Promote a new financial help for the private insurer A partnership with the government for a private school for specialised nurses
Free studies fees and a minimum salary
A minimum of years of duty to HP
Advantageous nurse care cost
-Advantageous wages
Better nurse care quality

Thank you!
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