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Nutrition for Sports Performance Conor Searle

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Conor Searle

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Nutrition for Sports Performance Conor Searle

These contain like chocolate and they don't have much sugar to give you energy for 90minutes. that's why you wouldn't see a football player having it before a match. These give you a short burst of energy.

Nutrition for Sports Performance
These have a bad effect on your blood cholesterol. Out of both of them saturated is the worst one. All these contain are fatty acids. The foods in them is peanut butter and the affect of these are that they raise the total amount of chlosterol up.

Protein are big biological molecules that have one or more chains of amino acids. Protein helps you after a sporting event for repairing or growing your muscles after they have been effected by the sport you have done. These contain Eggs, Fish,
You need to be having water regularly through out the day even if you are not thirsty you would still need to be drinking it so you stay hydrated. It is recommended that you should have at least eight glasses full of water a day. The affect the water has is that it helps you to stay hydrated and it helps your joints to stay lubricated.
These are good for you they will last longer to digest. The foods that go under are: wheat and pasta and breads. These give you alot of energy so you can use it whilst playing football.

In this presentation i will be explaining all of the food groups and what they contain and how they come into my chosen sport which is football. I am doing a striker in football and i will be looking at what foods they should have before like matches.
My player in football would have carbohydrates both of the groups but they would have more of the complex because complex stays in your digestive system longer and you would need that all for the 90 minutes you are playing for because its slowly releasing energy. So it will give them more energy to play the game rather than get tired after 10 minutes. During the game you would have energy gel that contains quite a bit of carbohydrates. so you would be going for longer than you would if you didn't take anything like that. After the match you would have or you can have simple or complex depending on if you have a game coming up. The positive effect of carbohydrates are that it will give you the energy to last all the game.
There is two types of these Mono-unsaturated fats and Poly-unsaturated fats. These consist of at least 1 double bond. These both help lower your cholesterol so they are both are considered good fats. Lowering your cholesterol means you have a lower possibility of getting heart disease. Food in this are peanuts.

My player would eat unsaturated fats during and after the match. They would take this to reduce the risk of blood cots and high blood pressure. This would improve the blood in the body at half time. They would take unsaturated fats before a game but not a lot because it can be bad if you do take a lot of them. The positive effect of saturated fats is that it gives you energy for a short amount of time and the negative effect is if you eat too much of it you would end up gaining weight.
In my sport a striker would need to take them as soon as they have finished to help the muscles grow and to repair them so they are better for the next game they play. They would probably have egg whites in the morning so he can make sure he performs his best. Without taking proteins the players muscle will not grow and they wont repair as quickly as they would if he did take them. The positive effect of proteins are that it helps your muscles grow and repair after a football match. The negative effect is that consuming too much of it, it will make your digestive system work hard and then that means making your liver work harder than usual.
For my player this is the most important thing to have before, during and after a football match because you would have to stay hydrated to play the best of your ability. You would drink some water when you first wake up and when you are about to go onto the pitch so you know that you are hydrated before you go on the pitch. Then you would drink some at half time because you would be tired at half time and water will probably boost you up and after the match you would to so you can stay hydrated through out the day without becoming dehydrated and it would help him to move freely as the water helps the joints to lubricate.
Vitamin A- This helps your normal eyesight, growth of your muscles and bones and the resistance of infection, This is found in Eggs, Liver, fish liver oils.

Vitamin C- This gives a structure to your bones, cartilage, muscles and blood vessels you get these from like oranges, broccoli, tomatoes.

Vitamin D- This is essential for the structure and your maintenance of your teeth. You would get all these from sunlight, eggs and butter.

Vitamin E- This helps protect tissues and to stabilize the cell membrane that are in your body. These are found in Vegetable oils and Corn oil.

Vitamin K- The main one for this is to prevent blood clotting around the body. This is found in Sunlight and other things.

My player would need to take Vitamins A and C because they would need good bones to play in the position and they would need good muscles for strength when he is a striker and C because they need a good structure to your bones so its easier to move better. The positive effect of having vitamins are that they help heal wounds and they help the nervous system.

Vitamin B's
Vitamin B-1- This is important for your normal functioning of all the body cells. It also help break down carbohydrates, protein and fat for the energy you have. Green peas, peanuts and peanut butter.

Vitamin B-2- This is for release of the energy from carbohydrates, protein and the fat that is in the food you eat. These is found in Dairy products and meat and more.

Vitamin B-3- This is important for the energy release of carbohydrates. This helps in the breakdown of protein and fats. These are found in Meat, fish and more.

Vitamin B-5- This is used for optimal maintenance of fat. This is found in Meat and broccoli

Vitamin B-6- Helps the body build and breakdown carbohydrates, fats and protein. Found in Chicken, fish and more.

Vitamin B-7- This is mainly used for the growth of your cells. This is found in Raw egg yolk and peanuts

Vitamin B-9- This is to control the blood levels of your body and proper brain function and helps with mental and emotional health. These are found in pasta,bread and bread and more.

Vitamin B-12- This is to maintain the nervous system and for the normal process of carbohydrates, protein and fat. This is found in meat, fish and milk

Calcium- This helps us to develop strong bones and teeth. This is found in Milk, Salmon and sardines

Zinc- This helps heal the wounds that you have. This is found in Meat, Seafood and eggs

Iron- This helps the brain and the nervous system to work properly. This is found in Liver,eggs and Seafood

Iodine- This helps for growth and nervous system development and your energy production. This is found in the likes of Vegetables, Meat and milk.

Sodium- This is used in loads of cell processes and its found in table salt and baking soda. But too much of this called lead to dehydration.

My football player would need calcium because he needs to have strong bones because they don't want weak ones so they break easily and Zinc because if you have any wounds from a bad challenge it will help heal it proper easy and Iodine so you can have good energy production so you can go for 90 minutes. The positive effect of having minerals are.
My player for vitamins B's
My player would need ,B-5 and B-9 They would need these two because B-5 helps maintain the fat this would be key because you don't really want to put fat on easily and B-9 because this controls your blood levels and you don't really want high blood levels if you're a football player.
Balance of good health
We have more of certain foods because they are better for you and that's why water is more down because it's more important than having fats because if you don't have water you would become dehydrated so you should have more of the good things than the bad thing you would have more. A healthy diet consists of fruits,vegetables, whole grain and protein that is what a healthy diet is.
A balanced diet consists of all these in the diagram but make sure you take the right amount of all of them if you don't it's not really a balanced diet
Preparation of food
Grilled/Broiling- This is an healthier option to cook your food because the fats would drain away. This is when you put it on the grill and start to grill it.
Boiling- You would have this by
putting your food in boiling hot
water which then you would cook.
This is used for cooking rice, eggs,
pasta and more.
Baking- You bake by putting whatever
you're cooking in the oven. This is used for making cakes and other things.
Frying- This is when you cook things in the likes of oil, fats. This can be used for mushrooms and more foods.
Roasting- This is when you would cover the food in like oil/butter. This can be used for cooking meats when you put it in the oven.
Microwaving- This is when you get your food and just put it in the microwave. This is used for microwavable meals and tea you want to re heat.
My player would probably use the more healthier option which would be Grilled and boiling. Grilled because it drains away the fats when you grill the food and boiling because it is not cooked with any fats or oils like the rest are and that's okay for your carbs.
Competition day
The night before- They would eat some chicken with sweat potato. The reason so you get repair on your muscles.

6:00am- Get food as soon as you can and get an omlette with brown bread so that there is a good balance in your diet and you would get your slow realsing carbohydrates during the day. for energy.

6:30am- Keep drinking water regularly so you don't get dehydrated and your joints stay lubricated and it wakes the body up to function.

7:00am- A jacket potato with some fish would be good to get the protein in before the match which you should of made the night before. The potato is a complex carbohydrate which means you can get slow realising energy from it. The protein from the fish would help their muscles either recover from the football match or help them grow more.

7:30am- Have a snack every so often such as a banana this is a simple carbohydrate so you get a quick releasing energy. Also drink a glass of water to keep you hydrated,

8:00am- Get ready to go to your event take a couple of snacks such as an oats bar so it gives you a slow realising of energy because its a complex carbohydrates.

9:00am- Get in the car and go to the event.

10:00am- Pre match training prerparation keep taking water so you can stay hydrated for ages.

11:00am- If you are feeling tired take an energy gel so you have the boost to get yourself back up and play the best you can.

12:00pm- Get some fruit down you such as mango, pinapple because they a high in fibre and don't have much sugar in. also they give you energy because they are all simple carbohydrates.
During/After competition day
1:00pm- Make sure you drink water beofre you go out and have a oats bar slow releasing energy for the game and you want to stay hydrated.

1:55pm;At half time make sure you take some energy gel to give you the boost of energy and some water so it stores back in your body

2:40pm- After the match drink some more water so you don't get yourself dehydrated and some fruit so you get abit more energy.

4:00pm; Have a protein shake so you get a good dose with protein to repair the muscles.

5:00pm-Make sure you have a good tea with some protein, carbohydrates. Have something like fish with vegetables so you can get repair on your muscles from the game and the carbohydrates to give you a good digestive system. Make sure you have more protein than vegetables

7;00pm- Have some protein to repair and grow your muscles, water to get the toxins out of the body and to keep hydrated and something like an oats bar so you get some energy can make sure you have got
Rest day
The diet will change between Before,during and after because before you would be stocking up on energy to get you through the 90minutes and during you would be having energy boosts so thats why i put energy gels and after the match you would have loads of protein to make your muscles repairs better
This will all change by the way you live your life if you have a family to look after and to provide for you would be tired because you would be running around looking after them so that means your energy levels will be down then that means you won't be able to play to the best of your ability. Then if you don't play to the best of your ability it will affect you future with the football club you are at.
Although if you don't have a family to look after and you just live on your own that means you can get a good nights sleep prepare everything without being disturbed and this means you energy levels will be good for the game then you can play to the best of your ability and then progress if you play good to a better team,
7:00am- Have some breakfast which would contain of some protein so you can maintain the muscle growth in them and the repair from the previous game.

9:00am- You can have a little bit unsaturated fats but not alot you don't want to start putting on weight.

11:00am- For dinner have a sandwich with brown bread to get slow releasing energy because its healithier with some maybe fish patey for the protein to grow the muscles.

1:00pm- Have some water because water is key even if you're not having a football match. To keep hydrated.

2:00pm- Have a snack like a yoghurt so you get some dairy in you so you can have balanced diet over the day you are on rest. Also to get calcium so your bones grow stronger.

4:00pm- Make sure you have a good rest for this day so you don't have a busy day

5:00pm- For the tea you should have a good balanced tea with some vegetables and some fish for the protein so you can have good repair to your muscles and a bit of pasta on the side so you have some carbohydrates in there. With some water so you stay hydrated.

7:00pm- Have a snack before bed that consists of fruit,vegetable, protein and dairy in that way you can have balanced supper before tea.
The higher up the pyramid the less of it you should have because its the worst thing you can have. You should be getting a least 8 glasses of water a day, you should have two fish a week. You sholud be getting atleast 60% of carbohydrates in your diet, 25% of fat and 15% of protein.
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