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Storm by wilfred owen

No description

Delfina Pontecorvo

on 23 September 2014

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Transcript of Storm by wilfred owen

Storm by wilfred owen
Storm by wilfred owen
His face was charged with beauty as a cloud
With glimmering lightning. When it shadowed me
I shook, and was uneasy as a tree
That draws the brilliant danger, tremulous, bowed.

So must I tempt that face to loose its lightning.
Great gods, whose beauty is death, will laugh above,
Who made his beauty lovelier than love.
I shall be bright with their unearthly brightening.

And happier were it if my sap consume;
Glorious will shine the opening of my heart;
The land shall freshen that was under gloom;
What matter if all men cry aloud and start,
And women hide bleak faces in their shawl,
At those hilarious thunders of my fall?
copy and paste as needed and take advantage of an infinite canvas!
This poem by Wilfred Owen is dated October 1916. During the first eighteen days of that month Wilfred Owen was in camp at Oswestry.
The poem describes how Owen has mixed feelings and feels nervous when he meets someone he is attracted to, in this case a man, which was forbidden during the beginning of the 20th century.
Conservatism, sexual attraction, homosexuality and forbidden love.
This is Owen at his loftiest and most poetic side, and it has a lot of controversy surrounding it as it describes his sexuality and desires. It is clear that in this poem the persona is Owen himself as he is constantly using the first person.
The poem is a Sonnet made up of two quatrains and one sextet. Throughout the whole poem there is an extended metaphor.
Mistreatment and Discrimination
Metaphor:the tree represents Owen
“sap” is in fact his blood
Liberating feeling
Generates contrast
Idea of STORM reinforced
The “storm” which appears in all three stanzas, represents a normal man who Owen fell in love with
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