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poetry workshop

No description

Alannah Colclough:)

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of poetry workshop

Poets and the Darkside
Walter De La Mare 'The Night Is Darkening Round Me' By Emili Brontë In the three poems you are about to see, how poets often
experience the dark side of life and use these experiences to write mysterious poetry 'THE LISTENERS'
In this poem he
tells the eerie story of an
unidentified traveller who visits a strange, ghost-ridden house in the forest. WALTER DE LA MARE by by Narration ''tell them I came, and no one answered that I kept my word,' he said. the traveller said this in the empty house, even though the listeners where able to hear the man speak, who where they?they were the phantoms in the creepy house this poem showed how we humans aren't alone that live, that there are other unknown things out there. The traveller can seperate these things, he talks to the darkness as if it is his own species, he whispers to the animals as if they speak his language. It is a unique poem and we loved it. Our opinion of this poem A darkening,cold,wild night surrounds the poet but a 'Tyrant spell' has traped her ,she cannot leave,why? The Theme The theme of the poem is the night and the darkness. The issues shown in this poem are fear, death and danger. These are shown throughout the whole poem because the poet is trapped and can’t escape. At the end of each stanza the poet says: , showing that she is trapped and that death is taking over. “I cannot go” The atmosphere is gloomy and sad because the poet could die. There is danger coming from all directions and the poet becomes even more trapped. м Here is the poem, but instead of looking at the words, why dont you listen instead. Alannah Colclough

Olivia Janicka & The atmosphere The purpose of the poem is to show the issues of death, fear and danger. It is also to show how to deal with any situation and to be aware that death is unavoidable What Is The Purpose of this poem? Spark (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr i cannot go i cannot go i cannot
go SHE
REPEATS Walter presents the story in a third-person point of view, describing what is taking place outside the house and what is taking place inside the house. In the final stanza she says \"clouds beyond clouds above me, wastes beyond wastes below; But nothing drear can move me, I will not cannot go\". She explains how if she progresses forward she doesn\'t know what the future holds and that with every glance backwards the waste she left disgusts her. By ending the poem with \"I will not, cannot go\" she shows how she finally accepts that it is her chose whether to leave this godforsaken wasteland yet she still refuses to go. Her acceptance however is the first step towards salvation. Realisation 1 2 3 By. Craig Raine 'A MARTIAN SENDS A POSTCARD HOME' Craig Raine pretends that a Martian
has came to earth. Everything is new to him,but he does his best to understand what he sees and hears. Ex. he sees books as mechanical birds because their pages remind him of wings

Is it what you think
it is ?
. What is this poem really about? he was talking about things that happen in everyday life on earth. Basically something a Martian would send home if he was on a vacation to earth is what the poem focuses on. "Caxtons are mechanical birds with many wings and some are treasured for their markings " Craig Anthony Raine FRSL (born 3 December 1944) is an English poet born in Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England. He was a former Fellow of New College, Oxford from 1991-2010 and is now Emeritus professor.
He has been the editor of Areté since 1999. His father was a boxer who twice fought for England. Biography of Craig Raine Why did this poem bother to him? what is the point in the poem? The point of the poem is that he wanted his readers to see that reality and objects, which surround them, can have much more than one interpretation that they think Most of the people spend little time thinking about things, which surround them. Raine not only reflects about things around him, but also creates new interpretations. New vision of the reality breaks our usual ideas about things and objects and that is one of the main functions of this poem. Raine achieves this effect due to unexpected use of metaphors and symbols. He breaks usual connections between the subjects and creates new ones. This is not an easy poem to fully understand straight away it takes time and requires imagination in order to “guess” what the author means under certain metaphors of his poem. Did you know? The poem goes deeper than describing our everyday life as a succession of bright and unusual metaphors. Raine wants his readers to understand that paying to much attention to the mechanisms around us, we miss an important part of our life. ? ? ? ? ?
Routing and busy lifestyle prevents people from real world, which became for them only a combination of symbols of different things. Usually people do not think about time, they look at their watches and hurry up. They do not think about their journey when they sit into the car, they think only about the destination. Raine does just an opposite. He switches readers’ focus to the functions of different objects around us and pays no attention to their forms and names. As he wrote himself in one of the interviews, “I’m not interested in ingratiating myself with the reader as an entirely sensitive, right-minded, liberal poet who could figure in the New Statesman and not shame anybody. I’m not interested in writing poems which end with thumping statements; I’m interested in making objects. How the poet saw things in his point of view We thought that this poem was a hard enough poem to understand but yet it was a clever idea and very skillful, We learned a lot from this poem how he came up with such a weird and unexpecting idea of choice, he develops new interpretations which make his readers facinated and wanting to read more and more! He makes a great connection and also taught us a lot of things that we didn't even know. He is a fantastic poet and we found this poem very interesting. Our Opinion Thank You :) WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED
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