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Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley

Agora Talentia. II Foro Internacional del Talento. Desarrollar y rentabilizar la creatividad en la empresa.

Xavier Verdaguer

on 7 November 2011

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Transcript of Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley

Xavier Verdaguer Innovalley, Inc. @xavierverdaguer Creativity works better with multidisciplinary teams Silicon Valley
To create one needs to risk RISK FASHION + TECH

SMART APPAREL 1. Create ideas to change the world solar bags CRISIS! CHANGE CRISIS! To create we must have fun www.imagine.cc Interactive TV iTime Digital Signage Smart Point KO! 3F : Friend+Friend+Friend designers journalists psychologists Lets' Play! xavi@innovalley.us
xavierverdaguer.com " Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley " To create we must dream 2. Radical education experience Creativity Center
Silicon Valley Public Event
San Francisco 12 dreamers
4 teams CRASH www.imagine.cc www.imagine.cc you can be serious and play = entrepreneurship creativity put a junior in your company GOALS: + Creativity Techniques:

- Think outside the box

- Challenge assumptions

- Go for quantity

- Change your surroundings

- Bring playfulness to whatever

- ... TENACITY CONFIDENCE ENTHUSIASM knowledge let's change the world! 3F : Friend+Friend+Friend Think Run engineers Time is Golden bet on young people with creative talent 11 years RUN! wifi: xavi2
user: 1122334455

foursquare: x garage
twitter: @innovalley
hashtag: #xgarage Think Different JUMP START Stanford University Talent Venture Capital Networking Quality of life Top Companies if you're going to San Francisco... LISTEN Very competitive environment

> Yes, but with equal opportunities for all

Very informal environment

> In respect to style, but carefully planned

Substantial legal barriers

 > Yes, some, but salvable with good help

All is achieved through Networking

> Almost everything, but it must be done properly Myths and Realities WE'RE IN PERMANENT BETA TALK Networking - Explain your project clearly and concisely

- Talk to everyone and at any place or time

- Do not be overly protective with your ideas

- Never be dismissive of anyone

- Be humble and sincere

- Be patient

- Be generous DREAM PLAY GPShoes flexible lighting www.innovalley.us NotWorking NetWorking Entrepreneurial Culture START UP rider pro rider pro
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