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Room 103 Computer Lab Rules


Brittany Miezeiewski

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Room 103 Computer Lab Rules

Room 103
Computer Lab
No Chewing gum,
food, or drinks

Rule #1
Respect others, yourself,
and the school!

Rule #3
Respect the equipment
Rule #4
Log-on with your username and password. Never share your password.
Rule #5
Wait for directions and listen carefully
Rule #6
Rule #8
Rule #9
Report any problems with the computer immediately!
Ask permission to print.
Rule #10

Internet use is limited to classwork
Stay on approved websites
Never give out personal information
No emailing
No games
Do not download or install any programs, games, or music.
Dismissal Procedures (When I say “Time to Log Off”)
Rule #11
Consequences& Rewards
Be positive & do your best!
I believe in you!
Rule #7
Be ready to learn and participate.
When you talk,
I listen!
When I talk,
you should listen!

Do not remove or disconnect parts/cables!
Be Nice to the Smartboard!
Do not touch the SmartBoard unless you are given permission
Internet Rules:
Save Work!/Exit Programs
Log out
Straighten up desk (Mouse, Keyboard)
Gather your belongings
Wait to be dismissed
Push in Chair and leave orderly

1) Warning
2) Sent to the main office
3) Phone call home to

You will be rewarded with
Prize Tickets!
Teach the teacher something new!
I don’t know everything, I’m always learning
Say something helpful/insightful
Actively participate in class
Display teamwork
Provide assistance to a fellow neighbor/classmate during classwork (not during quizzes or tests)

Computer Application I Classroom Rules
No cell phones
or ear buds!
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