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Literature Circle Novels Intro

No description

Jennifer Harrell

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Literature Circle Novels Intro

Literature Circle Novels Intro
Desert Exile
Novel by : Yoshiko Uchida
Japanese Internment Camps in the U.S.
Personal account by a woman who grew up in Berkeley and was attending the University of California when the war began.
This is her and her family's story.
Code Talker
Novel by: Joseph Bruchac
Navajo Indians' work in WWII
Navajo Marines translating messages into unbreakable codes
Narrator tells story to grandchildren of how he took part in this important mission during WWII
Made into film
Novel by: John Hersey
Tracks the lives of the six survivors of the bombing of Hiroshima
Also addresses the aftereffects on the citizens of Hiroshima
In 1985, a postscript was added by the author to form a fifth chapter of the novel
Summer of my German Soldier
Novel by: Bette Greene
Narrated by a 12 year old Jewish girl living in the U.S.
Narrator meets an escaped German POW
Novel tells of what they learn from each other and how the narrator helps to hide the POW
Made into film
Novel Choice
A copy of each novel will now be passed around.
We will take about _____ minutes to look over the books.
When you have made your decision, turn it in to your teacher.
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