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The Meaning of Things

Almudena Manzanilla, Silvia Castillo y Ignacio Cano.

Almudena Manzanilla

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of The Meaning of Things

Attractive things work better and the multiple faces of emotion and design. The Meaning of things Almudena
Manzanilla Silvia
Castillo Ignacio
Cano Attractive things work better. Attractive things certainly should be preferred over ugly one. - Masaaki Kurosu
- Kaori Kashimura The emotional system Las emociones cambian a manera en la que el humano resuelve los problemas The affective system El control de los músculos esta relacionado con las emociones. Niveles de Procesamiento -Visceral (automatico)
-Comportamiento (cotidiano)
-Reflexivo (contemplativo) 1
3 Focus and Creativity Bottom-up Top-down Neurotransmitters The Prepared Brain Nivel visceral se rige a base de información sensorial, no puede razonar ni comparar situaciones. Positivo
Negativo Emotions Behavioral and reflective Level los gustos pueden cambiar dependiendo la edad o generacion. The Multiple faces of emotion and design Visceral
- Pre-conciousness
- Pre- thought Behavioral
- function
- Performance
- Usability Reflective
- emotions
- cognition reside Working with the three levels viseral behaviorlal Reflective Objects that evoke memories kitsch Associates emotions with beauty Reflect Experiences, associations and memories. feelings of Self Famous people The personality of products Gracias por su atencion :) y a los que no pusieron, van a reprobar
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