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Sudan Imperialism

No description

Brynn Hansen

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Sudan Imperialism

Sudan Imperialism
By: Brynn Hansen
What are three factors that gave Europe the upper hand when imperializing Sudan?
European Advantage
How would the world, or just Sudan be different if these factors did not exist?
In your opinion, was there anything Sudan could have done to avoid imperialism?
Impact on World Religions
Impact on World Religions
What religon(s) were brought to Sudan by Imperialists?
What were the religious practices of Sudan before Imperialism?
How did Imperialists spread their religious message?
Benefits for Europe
What were two economic or political benefits of Imperialism in European countries
Provide evidence for each benefit showing how imperialism made each benefit a reality.
Do you believe imperialism is justifiable in the light of the benefits it can bring to an imperialized country? Provide evidence that supports your opinion.
Benefits for Sudan
What were two economic or political benefits of imperialism in your assigned country? Are those benefits still enjoyed today?
Provide evidence for each benefit showing how imperialism made each benefit a reality.
Do you believe imperialism is justifiable in light of the benefits it can bring to an imperialized country? Provide evidence that supports your opinion.
Pros and Cons of Imperialism
If you were the leader of a small, third world country in the early 1800s, would you want a country from Europe to imperialize you?
Firepower, Modern Day Weapons and Locomotives
In my opinion I don't believe Sudan could have done anything to prevent imperialism. One reason is Britain was practically unstoppable, they had a strong navy, strong military and many more people and resources compared to Sudan. Sudan was previously imperialized by France and Belgium so, by the time Britain imperialized them, they were worn out and tired of fighting

Christianity, Catholicism, Protestantism

The majority of Sudan was made up of the Muslim religion.
If Britain would not have helped introduce Christianity, Catholictism and Protestantism, Sudan would not have been split up into to the two regions (Islamic North Sudan and Christian South Sudan)
Britain created a free market
The Suez Canal was used as a good trade route.
The word "Sudan" is defined as "Land of The Blacks"
Britain was able to create a free market to help sell British goods. This gave Britain more money, which they could use to help improve their economy in their "homeland". It also gave them extra financial aid in case of a disaster.
The Suez Canal was used as a trade route that Britain could use. They were able to trade their goods for various supplies or money which they could benefit from.
Imperialism is a great thing for the "imperializer". They get more money, more land and more power which at that time was every country's goal. Europe hoped that if they took over various counties, they would soon be the greatest empire in the world
Nations that resisted growth or expansion in their territory led to widespread killings
New religions were forced upon and native beliefs were eliminated
Most traditional culture and languages were wiped away
Labor was discriminated and eventually led to slavery.
Natural resources were exploited
Interesting Facts
10th largest country in the world.
Britain divided Sudan into two sections, North and South Sudan so it was easier to control. If Britain did not imperialize Sudan and split it up, there would have been less of a chance for civil wars and other various outbreaks
Protection of Sudan, and various medicines to help the sick people of Sudan. Sudan does not have the same protection that they once had, but they still use some of the medicines.
Britain was able to protect Sudan; Because Britain imperialized (or took over) Sudan, they would do anything to remain in authority over Sudan. So they protected its borders in order to stay in command.
Britain, also, introduced various medicines that Sudan used to help its people. Sudan did not have modern technologies, so they did not have modern medicines. Britain introduced these medicines to help Sudanese people with their overall health in general.

In the perspective of the one being imperialized, no imperialism is not a good thing. The people are forced to do what the country who imperialized them wants them to do, which could go against people's beliefs and morals. Sudan was split up into two separate countries which led to civil wars and other disagreements. This was not good for the overall country of Sudan. Britain also enforced that people follow the religion of Christianity, which was not good for those who followed the Muslim religion.
5 interesting Facts
Sudan is a country suffering from poverty; because of such a problem they are only expected to live to about the age of 55.
The main languages spoken in Sudan are Arabic, Nubian and Ta Bedawie.
Sudan is the largest country in the continent of Africa.
About 36,787,012 people live in Sudan
Only 61% of the whole country can read.
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