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CCO Discovery Training: Tutorial

No description

CCO Canada

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of CCO Discovery Training: Tutorial

CCO Discovery Training: Orientation Orientation CCO Discovery Training CCO Discovery Training Video Orientation How to navigate through the Prezi presentation: Do not fear! This presentation is user-friendly. Follow these simple guides: Again, the "arrows" are your key. Simply click the to proceed to the next section of the presentation, and the to return to a previous one. This allows the user to move along at their own pace. The buttons
are your keys to these training sessions. For your next instructions click the arrow. The Discovery Training Lessons are not merely videos. found below on your view screen 1. Try pressing to go back and then to proceed. How to navigate through the Prezi presentation: Video clips will begin automatically on each frame and continue where they left off if you navigate away from them. To return to the beginning of a particular video, use the "progress bar" on the video itself. 2. Again, press to go back, or press to proceed. "Progress Bar" How to navigate through the Prezi presentation: 3. Again, press to go back, or press to proceed. For audio clips, look for the "Discovery Study icon with the color strip" and click the play arrow that appears. Again, use progress bar embedded for further control of the audio track. (Hover your mouse over here) Should appear like this: How to navigate through the Prezi presentation: 4. Perfect! This concludes the orientation. Close this window and choose "Discovery Lesson 1" Bottom Right Hand Corner of this Screen Closing the Window Choosing Discovery Lesson 1 Press 'play' button
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