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Metonymy, or The Husbands Revenge

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nelufah khan

on 16 March 2011

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Transcript of Metonymy, or The Husbands Revenge

Metonymy, or The Husband's Revenge Theme The theme of the story is that a person view changes depending on how they well live. To you, five or ten dollars may be pocket change, but to someone else it may mean food for the day. The wife in the story was poor and worked in a men’s clothing factory. She is emaciated and accepted the proposal of the man with a store and a greater income. However, once she no longer had to work eight hours a day and was well fed, she became attractive and dress well. Now she viewed her husband, who gave her the lifestyle she now has, as a burden and a bore. This led to illicit love. Stylistic Devices In the story, many stylisic devices were used. "Like a boy who discovers a birds nest and hiding nearby, watches the eggs increasing in numbers everyday", is a simile comparing the husbands obsession with his wifes letters to the boy to the birds nest. "Fate, which does not like illicit love" is personification, as fate can not like or dislike illicit love. "The poor fellow twisted the poisoned dagger of jealously inside his own sickly chest", a metaphor referring to his heart. These stylistic devices provides images to help better understand the gravity of the situation and to allow the reader to relate to the subject or character. In the story these devices help bring life and the development of the characters like the husband, from the sickly, prematurely, old man running the grocery store, to the man with the twisted poison dagger of jealousy inside his chest that shot the mailman. Metonymy figure of speech in which the name of an object or concept is replaced with a word closely related to.

REMEMBER THIS! Characters Protagonist- the hero of the story, generally the good guy.
in our story the protagonist is the husband

Antagonist- a person who is opposed to, struggles against, or competes with another; opponent
in the story the sergeant is the antagonist because he is competing with the husband to lure the wife away from him.
she got bored in the relationship
flirts with sargent at the store
goes from innocent to guilty Wife Husband love his wife despite of her affair
jealously drives him insane, which causes him to commit a crime Sergeant he probably didnt know better but to flirt with the wife Mailman innocent Plot A number of events that all lead up to a main event is the plot.
These events relate to one another being a sequence, pattern, through cause and effect or jus by coinscidence. The different events that lead up to the plot are the exposition and rising action. The rising action gets the reader more ready for the main event of the story. In the story Metonymy, or the Husband's Revenge the plot is when the husband finds the wifes letters in her secert box from the sargeant that used to come into the grocery store when the husband was on his lunch break. When the husband has no idea what was going on and noticed the fact that his wife was not acting herself and her sad ways around the house and the grocery store, was the rising action up to the main event (the plot) which kept the readers engaged into what was going to happen after he found the letters. Point of View The point of view is which person the story is being spoken in. First person, second person, and third person.This story is in first person which is also narrating who is also a character in the story. The first person is usually known to be the protagonist in the story. Setting The setting of the story in the beginning was in the house. This is where the husband finds the letters.
The second place would be in the husband and wife's grocery store. This is where the sargeant flirts with the wife. Word Search
-you get time to finish it,
whoever finishes first will
receive a prize. :) Charades We will divide you into two groups
One person from each group will come up and act out the word they are given
The remainder of the class will then try to guess what they're acting out
It will be timed
The winning team will get a prize. Dramatic Reading!! - please turn to page 326 and follow along
Discussion TIME! WHAT was your first reaction to the ending of the story? WOULD you have done the same thing as the husband? Why or why not? Metonymy- figure of speech of which a name of an object is replaced with a word closely related to it A QUIZ! awwee yeee!
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