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Amazon's CSR

No description

Andrew McDermott

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Amazon's CSR

-Environmentally aware building
-Eco-friendly packaging
-Worker responsibility
-Local Contributions
-Major contributions to society
-Tools for non-profits

Future Dedication
-We are constantly looking ways to improve our community and our environment
-The efficiencies of online shopping result in a greener shopping experience than traditional retailing
Amazon & Corporate Social Responsibility
Frustration-Free Packaging
-Multi-year initiative designed to make it easier for customers to liberate products from their packages and eliminate "wrap rage"
-Easy-to-open & 100% recyclable
-Less material for packaging
Eliminates clamshell cases
No plastic-coated wires
Amazon in the Community
-We contribute to the communities where our employees and customers live
-Donations to dozens of nonprofits across the country
-We support local and national organizations with cash and product donations
American Red Cross
Big Brothers Big Sisters of America
St. Jude's Children Research Hospital
Boys and Girls Club
Amazon's Mission Statement:
Our vision is to be earth's most customer centric company; to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they might want to buy online.
-In 2010, 4 of our 11 Seattle Headquarters buildings were awarded LEED Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design- Recognizes the industry's most environmentally conscious projects
-Amazon’s campus totals nearly 1.7 million square feet
Features salvaged and locally sourced woods, energy-efficient lighting and composting and recycling alternatives
Public plazas and pockets of open green space outside of the buildings
Most of the buildings contain at least partial green roofs
Fulfillment Centers
-In 2009, four of Amazon's fulfillment centers in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Arizona received LEED certification for their commercial interiors
Constructed with recycled building materials and features natural lighting and resource-efficient plumbing fixtures and lighting controls
-Amazon’s fulfillment center in Beijing, China maximizes the use of natural lighting, saving thousands of kilowatt-hours of power usage each month
-Amazon.de's corporate offices in Munich, Germany have been Gold-certified as environmentally friendly by the German Sustainable Building Council
Frustration-Free Packaging
-Manufacturers can send their packaged products to our labs for free analysis on how their packaging can be certified
-Program offers over 80,000 items from over 200 leading brands- Mattel, Logitech, Fisher-Price
-Including our brands- Kindle and AmazonBasics
-Currently we are trying to persuade other manufacturers to follow us
-We have made headway with companies like Philips, Polaroid and Procter & Gamble
-We added a new packaging feedback page on our website
-Allows customers to rate how well our packaging protected their purchases
-Customers can additionally upload photos where our packaging succeeded and failed
-This is to help guide us on what products should be added to our program
-Long-term goal: We will be able to sort out the worst offenders of over-packaging and we will push them to make changes
Packaging Feedback Program
Responsibility to Our Employees
-We strive to offer the best possibilities for our workers in the best possible conditions
-The safety and well-being of our employees is paramount
-In September 2011, one of our Amazon employees from our Breinigsville, PA warehouse was interviewed on Pennsylvania's Morning Call and was recorded criticizing our company's warehouse conditions and employment practice
Extreme heat
Strenuous workload in the heat conditions
How We Corrected the Mistake
-Right after the article was published, Amazon spent $2.4 million installing air conditioning at 4 warehouses including the Breinigsville facility
-In June 2012, Amazon began the installation of a $52 million investment in cooling all our warehouses across the country (equivalent to over 8% of our total earnings in 2011)
-We made these changes to protect our employees and our products such as food and electronic equipment
-We also enacted several new procedures
Increased breaks
Shortened shifts
Constant reminders and help about hydration
Extra ice machines
-Cross-category program for customers to discover Amazon's entire green product selection
-Customers can easily find products that meet U.S. environmental rating systems
Disaster Relief
-Amazon has dedicated homepage placement
-Have contributed more than $35 million to global relief programs since 2001
-Major Contributions
9/11- $6.9 million
Tsunami relief in South and Southeast Asia in 2004- $15.7 million
Hurricane Katrina relief in 2004- $12.4 million
Tsunami relief in Japan in 2011- $1.8 million
Most recently, continuing contribution for Hurricane Sandy relief
Support of the Writing Community
-Reading is the most integral part of Amazon.com
-We offer grants for non-profit author and publisher groups who share the love of creation, discussion and publication of books
-Some recent awards include:
826 Seattle
Alliance for Young Artists and Writers
Tools for Non-profits
-Our technologies offer simple and effective ways for nonprofit organizations to raise awareness and collect needed supplies and funds
-Amazon Wish Services
-Amazon associates
Helps us build for a greener tomorrow!
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