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Royal Canadian Nountain Police

No description

Ahsen Ali

on 8 June 2017

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Transcript of Royal Canadian Nountain Police

Royal Canadian Mountain Police
They are located in all provinces/territories except for Ontario and Quebec
RCMP workers make $82,000 a year
What are the RCMP ranks?
Non-Commissioned Officers:
Corps Sergeant Major;
Sergeant Major;
Staff Sergeant Major;
Staff Sergeant;
Sergeant; and.
Deputy Commissioner;
Assistant Commissioner;
Chief Superintendent;
Superintendent; and
Head of the RCMP?
Bob Paulson COM is the Commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
He previously served as the Deputy Commissioner, Federal Policing from November 2010 to 2011.
The Red Serge refers to the jacket of the dress uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It consists of a scarlet British-style military pattern tunic, complete with a high-neck collar and blue breeches with yellow stripe identifying a cavalry history.
By: Ayan And Ahsen
What is RCMP?
Royal canadian mountain police is both a federal and a national police force of Canada. The RCMP provides law enforcement at a federal level in Canada.
Where are they located
What are the 2 main colours of the RCMP?

Why do the RCMP wear red?

Why was it renamed RCMP?
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