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the Obituary of lennie small

No description

jolese milford

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of the Obituary of lennie small

Four days ago George Milton entered the town of sole dad ,CA. he went to find work for a while.Then was hired at the Tyler Ranch. His friend Lennie Small who's not so bright. George is a very hard worker. He is very serious about his work. I really think George is afraid to lose his job ,but he feels responsible for Lennie and his behavior .George and Lennie dream is to own their own ranch one day.
Crimes In The Community Of Soledad
The Chronicle Of Mice And Men
The Obituary Of Lennie Small
On Saturday March 21st , Lennie Small committed the murder of Curley Tyler's wife. All we know is that he snapped her neck in a barn while a horseshoe game was going on. We still have no report on where Lennie Small is. We also heard that Curley Tyler and his men went on their horses to go search for Lennie. For more details stat tune for tomorrow paper.
The death of Lennie Small has been put out to the community. the way Lennie small died is George Milton shot him in the back of the head. the place of the funeral will be held at the community church. the family of Lennie Small will not be able to make it to his funeral so the only people that will be there is friend George Milton and the people he worked with. he will buried behind the church. George Milton will be charged with killing a disable man,he is served life. the job sight will not be the same with out the two of them.
The Feature Article of George Milton
By: Michael Wall
By: Shawntell Smalls
By: Zania Milford
Community Events
HorseShoe Tournment
There be a horseshoe tournment at the soladad park at 7:30 - 10:00 to have fun Slim ,George,Candy and Carlson will be playing
Boxing Tournament
There be a boxing tournament at the Soledad Gym at 11:00 - 12:30 Lennie and Curley will be fighting in it
Horse Races
There will be a horse race a the Soledad derby
it will be at 1:00 - 2:10 Curley ,George ,Slim will all be in it
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