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ICT in Adult Education - Setting the Scene (2016)

No description

Brendan Ryan

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of ICT in Adult Education - Setting the Scene (2016)

So Will Technology help reform Education ?
Is the existing (global )
formal Educational System
fit for purpose today ?
Does 'One Size Fits all' work today ?
Does collaborative learning have a place in
todays formal institutions ?
Should it play a bigger part ?
Can this happen without fundamental reform ?
Some Random Questions
The challenge of Web 2.0 & Beyond
Do what you do best and link with the rest
(Jeff Jarvis 'What would Google Do?')
Time to Wake up to the world outside the classroom
Will it 'continue' to
Kill Creativity?
What is Happening Outside
the Classroom Today
The wisdom of the crowds
James Surowiecki
Weight of a bull at a country fair
Who wants to be a millionare
Jelly beans in a Jar
The Collaboration

Web 3.0
The Web of Things
The Semantic Web
Where are we going ?
Will Technology fundamentally change
education in the next 3 years ?

ICT in Education - Setting the Scene
Horizon Report 2014
1 Year
Flipped Classroom
Learning Analytics
2 - 3 Years
3D Printing
Games and Gamification
4 - 5 Years
Quantified Self
Virtual Assistants
History of Educational Technology
Timeline created by Jessica Levene
Techchnology in Education
A Potted History
Source: Edudemic.com
Source: Edudemic.com
Source: Edudemic.com
Source: Edudemic.com
Source: Edudemic.com
Source: Edudemic.com
Horizon Report 2015
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Flipped Classroom
2-3 Years
Wearable Technology
4-5 Years
Adaptive Learning Technologies
The Internet of Things
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